Enjoy Adriatic’s smooth boating with our motor yachts

We are introducing a new gem in our fleet – new Adriana 44 - which will conquer the Adriatic starting in 2022!

Enjoy Adriatic’s smooth boating with our motor yachts


There is a certain kind of advantage in managing our fleet of unique motor boats. Chartering a Croatian production motorboats gives us an advantage over other yacht charters and sets Asta Yachting apart and makes us unique in Croatian charter offer. Because managing a charter fleet involves all our team members in the yacht charter process. This fact makes our team dedicated, skilled, and educated in all matters concerning every ship in our possession.

All the motorboats in Asta yachting fleet are available for rental with the option of bareboat charter or a rental with our professional skipper. Our trained staff will be available to you at any time if need be. A trained skipper is indispensable in sailing and will surely make it as pleasant and straightforward as possible. All you need is to enjoy the Adriatic's smooth sailing and beautiful landscapes.
One thing is sure – being a yacht charter company is all about a love for navigation, making people happy and their vacation unforgettable.


We have a motorboat for every sailor

Experience teaches us that the main thing that people look after in a motorboat is its capacity and general comfort. There are several types of motor yachts in our fleet, and every one of them will surely meet all of the requirements of every enthusiast and a beginner alike.

Ideal for manoeuvring and comfortable accommodation, yachts in our charter will meet your needs in every way. Whichever boat you choose, be sure to enjoy it thoroughly. They are specifically made to make your stay with friends or family one of a kind. Make sure to make the most of your vacation as possible as the Croatian coast provides magnificent sights and one of the cleanest and most beautiful seas in the world.



Book now our new Adriana 44

Asta yachting is proud to introduce a new vessel to our fleet, our new Adriana 44 BT motorboat named Bianca. Starting her maiden voyage in 2022, we are sure that she will achieve great success as well as her predecessors. With her 13.50m in length, seven berths, 2x320 hp engines and a fuel capacity of 1000 l, our new Adriana 44 will indeed find her way to the true navigation connoisseurs.

Three cabins will accommodate your family and friends and make your private yacht charter a lifetime experience. Socialising in a spacious salon with the kitchen will make your meals enjoyable, mixed with the fresh Adriatic breeze. The lounge area connected to the salon will add extra comfort to your daily routine. This yacht also has a bathing platform that will add to your adventure when you feel the joy of jumping and swimming in the Adriatic Sea.



Your Croatia island cruise and explorations of the coast will be a well-organised vacation on our Adriana 44. Also, and stress-free, filled with sunshine, swimming, and laughter.



More about our motorboats

Adriana 36 models are motor yachts well known in our fleet, similar in design to Adriana 44 but a bit smaller with 11,82m in length. Nevertheless, equally equipped and comfortable. A salon and kitchen with an open space lounge will make your cruise an unforgettable one.

Her three bedrooms with two toilets will make your stay feel like home, although with a little less space, but these are the charms of sea life. Adriana 36 also has a bathing platform on the stern, which makes enjoying the sun and the sea even more exciting. The summer cruise has never sounded more attractive, and it will be unforgettable with Asta yachting crew.



Get to know the cosy side of charter yacht with Adria 1002

Compact but beautiful, the smallest of the motorboats in our fleet, Adria 1002 will make your cruise a cosy but with all the luxuries and amenities of any other boat. With her 10.80m in length, Adria also has three cabins and a salon, easily accommodating seven people.
Your family will have a great time jumping from the bathing platform or catching the sun from the sundeck.



Every boat for every destination

There is a certain advantage to the motorboats if you are interested in exploring the Adriatic coast as much as possible. Their speed and agility allow you to travel bigger distances in a small amount of time, without the need to rely on the power of the wind or anything else.

This makes a perfect opportunity to explore all in the comfort of your yacht, feeling like home but also visiting a new place every day. Or even several times a day if that is your wish. Freedom to choose and not to know where you will wake up next makes it all more thrilling. But if you want to anchor your chartered yacht in some secluded bay and feel the rocking of the waves, you are free to do so.

Asta Yachting charter motorboats come in different sizes, but all of them can make your holiday one of a kind and make your Adriatic adventure the one that will last you a lifetime. With 55 ships in total in our fleet, all maintained with great care you will find a boat that suits your needs. Asta Yachting skippers and crew will be there for you every step of the way.

Croatia, with its numerous islands, bays and coves, ad beaches of all shapes and sizes, will have you returning as much as possible. It’s hard to admire completely all that the Adriatic has to offer at one time.
Be sure to explore all that the coast offers, hidden gems, and beautiful sunsets and sunrises. There is nothing more magnificent than the sunset you watch while you are on vacation. See you in 2022!


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