Sailing through Croatian national parks

Experience the Croatian national parks accessible from the seaside and find out why they are so special and worth your while.

Sailing through Croatian national parks


Croatia is a country rich in nature and very diverse, and what makes it even more special and attractive for sailors from all over the world is the possibility of sailing in the national parks.

When you travel or spend your sailing holiday in Croatia, you should definitely not skip a visit to one of the national parks or nature parks. You can choose from eight national parks and twelve nature parks, all of which are breathtakingly beautiful and unique in their own way. But how to get here and what is there to discover? A sailing trip is always the best way to visit some of these natural wonders. Even with repeated visits, there is always something new to see.

We are sure that everyone has already written enough about Croatian national parks and their incomparable beauty, but... There's always a but when it comes to Croatia. You have to experience it firsthand. You have to see it to get a true picture of all the natural wonders, all the curiosities and all the uniqueness.

There are no words good enough to describe it all, but one thing is for sure. To experience the soul of these places, the best way is to do it while sailing. There is no better way to explore these Croatian national parks than approaching them from the sea. This way you will surely be impressed and remember this experience and Croatia forever.


Untouched nature of the paradise islands Brijuni

Some may say that a few islands with a total of 33.9 km2 area is not that much, but what about a National Park Brijuni that contains 14 islands, and it is filled with natural beauty, untouched nature, various historical sights and clear blue sea.

What is so interesting about these islands? Apart from the fact that they are one of the Croatian pational Parks, which speaks volumes about the islands and the area, the Brijuni Islands are a paradise on earth and their beauty as well as uniqueness is widely known. The Brijuni Islands are not only a wonderful place to spend a vacation in the splendour of ancient times, but also a perfect sailing area.

Rich in flora and fauna, the Brijuni have evolved from a once inhabited area to a place known far and wide for its beauty, hosting many famous personalities throughout history. Once a luxurious retreat for the famous and wealthy, it is now open to all adventurers and explorers. Brijuni National Park are synonymous with a perfect vacation and an idyllic place for exploring the autochthonous, but also the imported flora and fauna. Brijuni offers you a unique vacation with a safari park, a Byzantine castrum and an olive tree that is proven to be more than 1600 years old - an interesting history. Brijuni has its own harbour where you can safely moor your yacht and explore the islands, especially two of the larger ones, Veliki and Mali Brijun.

Set sail or start your engines at these coordinates, 44°54'46 "N 13°45'50 "E and see for yourself the beauty and diversity of the Brijuni archipelago. One thing is for sure: you will not soon forget this vacation.



Unique sailing experience through the Kornati Islands and Telašćica

Much has been said and written about the Croatian National Park Kornati, but there are simply no words that can explain the almost unreal beauty of this archipelago. Together with the Telašćica Nature Park, it gives a whole new meaning to the word beauty. Nature is indeed wondrous, and there is no better place in Croatia than Kornati to enjoy it. And the best way to experience it is sailing.

The archipelago itself consists of 89 islands of varied sizes and shapes and with rather unique and interesting names. Oddly enough, most of them are privately owned. The area of the Kornati National Park is about 220 km2. However, only a quarter of the park is land area, the rest is a protected marine ecosystem.

Although the Croatian Kornati National Park is not so crowded, it comes to life during the tourist season, and the Kornati islands are known for their restaurants with excellent local cuisine.

If you want to experience the uniqueness of untouched nature combined with the crystal blue sea, Kornati islands are made for sailing and exploring. If you want to avoid all the regular summer busy traffic and crowd, you can easily do so while cruising Kornati or you can choose to sail in springtime or post season.

Kornati islands are a small universe in itself and have a temperate climate with hot and long summers, rainy autumns, and mild winters. The islands are ideal for sailing enthusiasts from near and far, giving you a glimpse of the true beauty of the untouched nature of this National Park.



Sail to Mljet National Park, the first of its kind

The first of many, the National Park Mljet is the first protected marine park in Croatia. Whoever realised the beauty and the true value of this island has been right, because Mljet is an unique place.

Most importantly, like all other parks on our list, it is accessible by sea. And if you want to experience the true essence of a place, you should approach it from the sea. A different view makes for a vastly different feeling, so be sure to follow these coordinates 42°46'54.1 "N 17°23'6.7 "E for a unique sight.

But what is so special about the National Park Mljet, apart from the fact that it is the first protected marine ecosystem on the Croatian Adriatic? Perhaps it is the fact that it occupies the northwest of the island of Mljet, which is mostly covered with autochthonous trees that are rare fact in this part of the Mediterranean. Or that the National Park Mljet also hosts on its surface the unique phenomenon of the two lakes called Veliko and Malo jezero, Great and Small Lake.

Veliko jezero has a small island, which has an old church and a Benedictine monastery. But apart from exploring the beauty of the forests of the National Park Mljet and its lakes with islands on the island, Mljet is also a perfect place for sailing.
The Mediterranean climate of the region gives you the opportunity to explore and fully enjoy all the beauties that the island and the coast have to offer. And the offer is indeed extraordinarily rich.

The southern coast of the island is steep and full of collapsed caves, and the island is generally well indented, so there is a long list of bays to explore while sailing in Croatia enjoying your safe and activities filled vacation.



Set sail to experience all the richness of Lastovo archipelago

Nature Park Lastovo archipelago is one of the richest in the Mediterranean, and by richest we mean rich in flora and fauna. The Lastovo archipelago Nature Park has over 800 distinct species and is mostly covered in woods, like island of Mljet, a rarity in this area.

The park contains mostly endangered species and here they are thriving in the protection of their own closed off environment. But the archipelago is also extraordinarily rich in marine life, and it makes for an excellent spot for sailors to explore. But take care that your sailing vacation is one that is in cooperation with nature as this area is to be untouched and undisturbed as much as possible.

Here you are able, as on any other Croatian national or nature park that is approachable by the sea, to experience the beauty of the marine life that inhabits crystal clear sea as well as to explore the island and their autochthonous vegetation and animal life.

One thing is a must, you simply have to embark on an adventure of exploring all that this archipelago is hiding. Because for sure you will see here flora and fauna that you cannot see anywhere else. Therefore nature park Lastovo is special in this regard, it will surprise you every step of the way. Or one wave at a time.


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