Why is Croatia such a popular sailing destination?
Thinking about spending vacation on board? You've browsed a few world known sailing destinations, but still haven't made up your mind which one to choose? We bring you reasons which will make you choose Croatia as your next sailing destination.

Why is Croatia such a popular sailing destination?


Thinking about spending vacation on board? You've browsed a few world known sailing destinations, but still haven't made up your mind which one to choose? We bring you reasons which will make you choose Croatia as your next sailing destination.



Besides the pleasant Mediterranean climate with favorable winds for sailing, Croatia can offer you crystal clear sea with more than 1200 beautiful islands and islets. Also, 40% of the world's total charter fleet is located in Croatia, making it the leading charter power in the world. What does this mean for a guest in charter? Wide choice of boats on the Adriatic, excellent infrastructure, in other words network of marinas and anchorages. However, in spite of such large and significant numbers, Croatia can still offer beautiful peaceful and quiet coves where you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty while relaxing from sailing.


In addition, there are many wonderful destinations and natural wonders that are definitely worth a visit:


1. Secluded coves


As already said, Croatia is a destination with more than 1200 islands, meaning it has numerous bays. And regardless of the large number of boats you can rent, you will surely find a bay where you will have complete privacy on your own. For example, the Kornati archipelago itself has 89 islands and sailing through it can take days because you have the complete infrastructure needed for your vacation. Inside the archipelago, you can find top-notch local food restaurants, marinas and anchorages, perfect bays sheltered from the winds and crystal clear sea. If you choose one of the boats from our fleet, the Kornati archipelago will be at your fingertips, and your sailing will be a real pleasure on our greatly maintained boat.



2. Natural Wonders


What nature has written on Croatian soil is rarely seen anywhere in the world. Some of the natural wonders are protected as national or nature parks. 'Telašćica' is certainly worth mentioning, a nature park whose name is very difficult to pronounce and whose beauty is truly breathtaking. In this part nature played around and added the special salt lake 'Mir' to the island. This very unusual natural phenomenon is easily accessible to boaters and we definitely suggest visiting it on your next sailing holiday. In addition to the lake itself, Telašćica is also adorned with steep cliffs on the south side of the island which offer a beautiful view and a beautiful bay. A similar phenomenon of lake on the island also exists on another Croatian northern island – Cres.


 Nature Park Telašćica


Speaking of natural wonders, we must also mention the caves you can visit. 'The Blue Cave' on the island of Biševo near island Vis is indispensable. You can visit it only as part of the boat tour from the company that maintains the cave. The entrance to the cave is very small, but inside it you will really be amazed by the blue color created by the reflection of the sun through the small opening. Similar is also 'the Green Cave' on the island of Ravnik, also near Vis, into which a beautiful emerald glow enters through its opening.


 Blue Cave



2. Historic Sights


What makes each country special is its history. Throughout history, Croatia has been ruled by various powers (Romans, Venetians, Austrian Empire, Yugoslavia) and each has left its mark. Today, Croatia is an independent state, and buildings built in the past have become real tourist attractions. The most popular destination in Croatia is certainly the city of Dubrovnik. Bordered by the walls which are part of the world's Unesco Heritage,beautiful old buildings and its rich history, a few years ago it became the famous making scene for the popular 'Game of Thrones' series. The ancient walls of Ston on Pelješac peninsula are less popular but equally beautiful. The defensive wall and one of the largest preserved fortifications in the world (the only wall that follows behind it is the Chinese Wall itself). The walls are 5.5km long and you will come across about 40 stone towers while walking along them, and enjoy the sea view. Somewhat more recent history has left its mark on the island of Vis, which by the early 1990s had been converted into a military base and therefore closed to the public. Today it is accessible to all, and is especially interesting for curious boaters who want to look into the past and sail into military tunnels and caves famous from the Yugoslavia times.







3. Destinations


During the summer months, most boaters avoid visiting destinations on the coast, but if you sail in the spring or fall, when the crowds are much smaller, we definitely suggest visiting cities such as Split and Zadar. Both cities hide interesting historical stories and show beautiful buildings throughout the history. In Zadar, it is definitely worth a look to visit the famous 'Sea Organ' and 'Greetings to the Sun' light installation, which are unique in the world and therefore a true tourist attraction.






For all those who want a little fun in terms of nightlife while sailing, we definitely suggest island Hvar. A place that is always looking for a berth more during the summer is a famous party destination. When nightlife in Hvar comes to an end, taxi boats transport everyone who wants to party to the 'Pakleni Islands', where the fun continues until the early morning hours. Due to the extremely clean sea during the day, both Palmižana and Hvar are wonderful destinations for swimming and enjoying many special beach bars.


 Port of Hvar


 Paklinski islands


We hope that through this blog we have been able to show that Croatia is not only a boat, the sea and the sun destination, but also much more, and that it justifies its position as a leading sailing destination with its natural, cultural, historical and gastronomic richness.

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