You need to go Postseason Sailing in Croatia Now – Here's Why

Sailing Croatia postseason not only helps you avoid unnecessary crowds, but allows you to hone your sailing skills.

Sailing Croatia postseason makes for the best holiday experience.


Sailing Croatia postseason makes for the best holiday experience.

Summer is always an exciting time of year in Croatia. But like many other places in Europe, it is most often accompanied with enormous crowds and sweltering heat. Temperatures reaching the high thirties daily are combined with bustling cities, most of which are sleepy over the rest of the year.

As soon as September comes around, though, there is a crisp wave of autumn air which allows for a sigh of relief over the country and coastline.

Sailing Croatia during the postseason is often the best time to visit the many glorious spots on the Adriatic coastline.

Sunny skies, warm temperatures, excellent value for money, sensational seasonal culinary delights, fabulous festivals and perfect winds make the shoulder season an exceptional time to sail Croatia.



The Benefits of Postseason Sailing in Croatia


Cheaper Charters

You might have decided last minute that you wish to sail the high seas of Croatia a few months back, only to find that your desired boat is unavailable or just a little too pricy. Well, the great news is that sailing outside of the most popular months, June through August also means that there is less demand for vessels.

Less demand means lower prices. Significant drops in price will almost allow you to sail twice during the off-season compared to the one time during peak season.

Choose from graceful sailboats or magnificent motorboats at a discounted price. Coming from far away? The good news continues. Chances are you’ll also be able to snag a discount on your airfares as well.

Now, who doesn’t love a bargain?



Escape the Crowds

Croatia is undoubtedly one of the hottest European destinations, and one that has grown in popularity over the last decade. While impeccable in its beauty, key destinations during the summer months overflow with tourists wanting a peek at the best sights.

Postseason sailing in Croatia allows you to take in all of the unique spots you wish to visit, even the most popular ones, without drowning in a sea of selfie sticks.




Hone Your Sailing Craft

Beginner sailors should always aim to sail during the high season. If you still wish to experience sailing during the postseason on the Adriatic, but don’t feel comfortable enough taking the helm, no matter. You can always set sail with a skippered yacht charter in Croatia.

Those boasting more advanced sailing skills will love nothing more than sailing in Croatia postseason. Experienced sailors will be able to enjoy lower, but still very comfortable temperatures and stronger winds.

This period during the year will ensure the elimination of virtually all crowds, allowing you to practice and perfect complex manoeuvres.



Smooth Winds Never Made a Skilled Sailor


Sailing without winds is like skiing without snow. Taking on the Adriatic Sea during the shoulder season will allow you access to more reliable winds. Using the forces of nature to effortlessly glide through the water is exhilarating beyond words.

Other aspects of the weather are also optimal during the postseason in Croatia. While you won’t be sweating day to night like during the warmer months, you can still expect to experience warm days of around 25°C on average.

The sea temperatures drop a few degrees during the postseason, but it’s a welcome change to the incredibly warm sea that often draws parallels to bath water.



Experience Croatian Festivals


Just because you’re spending a lot of your time sailing, doesn’t mean you won’t be enjoying the culturally rich atmosphere in Croatia.

There are quite a few festivals taking place during this time including the Split Film Festival, Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia, Varaždin Baroque Evenings, Visualia Festival and Zigante Truffle Days just to name a few.

All of these festivals take place around Croatia, from Pula, Motovun to Varaždin and even some locations where Game of Thrones was filmed.



Discover Untouched National Treasures

There are many national parks that are scattered around Croatia which are guaranteed to take your breath away. In the heart of the summer season, however, most tourists want to be front and centre in seeing those national treasures.

The post season boasts a delightful climate, but additionally allows you to take in the never-ending beauty of national parks. Check out Telaščica for example, with its towering cliffs and deep blue sea.

The best part is that off peak sailing means each bay is yours, privacy guaranteed. Don’t forget that there will be no shortage of fantastic photo opportunities at each turn without a million tourists in the background. Your social media pages are sure to blow up.



Get Local

One of the best elements of sailing Croatia in the postseason is that you will experience Croatia for what it really is, authentic and true. With the tourists gone and the children back at school, chances are that the person next to you is a local.

Take advantage of these moments and find out everything you can about the culture, ask about the history and find out about the best food that’s on offer. They will give you golden tips and let you in on some of the biggest secrets of the region.

You might just make some lifelong friends in the meantime.



‘Tis the Season for Off-Peak Sailing in Croatia

It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit Croatia, as you’re sure to fall in love with it. The untouched seas, secret bays, scrumptious food, and passionate people resonate with this Mediterranean region.

But the issues with traveling to Croatia during peak season include the overwhelming crowds that have the same bright idea as you. The prices can also be sky high.

Sailing around the Adriatic is no different.

The solution? Sailing postseason in Croatia is ideal if you wish to escape those crowds, book your dream sailboat or motorboat at a discounted price and keep your finances intact.

The wall-to-wall sunshine during these months, warm seas and ability to hone you sailing skills are just a few benefits.

So, why not book that last minute trip right now? You know you want to.


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