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Photo competition

Article 1. - An Organizer (Arranger) of the winning competition under the name „Shoot, Post & Win'' is Asta Yachting d.o.o. with the headquarters in Zadar, Put Murata 1a, more beyond as Organizer. The winning competition is being organized due to promotion of Organizer's services.

Article 2. - Duration: The competition will be held from 24.07. until 01.10.2017, at 12 a.m. in three cycles

  1. Cycle: 24.07.- 30.07.2017.
  2. Cycle: 21.08.- 27.08.2017.
  3. Cycle: 25.09.- 30.09.2017.

Winning competition rules will be published on both, the official Facebook and Organizer's page.

Article 3. - The right to participate - All the users of the Facebook social network and all the fans of Asta yachting page (asta.yachting) are allowed to participate in the winning competition. The profile must be in accordance with the Facebook rights. Organizer's employees and employees of all the other companies included in the winning competition, also as their close-knit families are not allowed to participate in the competition.

Article 4. - How to participate - To participate in the winning competition it is necessary to do the following steps: press ''like'' on the winning post and publish your photo with the hashtag #myyachtcharter #mybestsailingholiday #astayachting on the Organizer's Facebook page or send it via e-mail address

Article 5. - Judging – Jury consists of one member of the Asta Yachting and of one member of the Zona Plus d.o.o. company. Both of the members randomly choose 3 winners in total, one single winner after each published cycle is closed. The total announcement of the winners will be published both on the Facebook page and on the web page after 01.10.2017 when the competition ends.

1x Tablet Lenovo TB3-850M TAB
1x Nautical pilot book '1300 maps of the Croatian Adriatic'
1x Selfie stick

The winner has no rights to request different reward from these mentioned on the list above. Rewards can neither be traded for money nor they can be transferred to another person.

Article 6. - Disqualification – Organizer has the right to disqualify participants and to remove all the comments if: the participant breaks any of the rules mentioned above. All disqualified members will be informed on time about their disqualification on the Facebook page.

Article 7. – Handing over rewards – The reward will be sent on the wishing address and all Organizer's obligations of winning competition stop in the moment when receiver, in that case winner, takes over his/hers reward. If a winner does not respond within 48 hours after the Orgaiser's first attempt to contact him or her, the corresponding Prize will be forfeited and will be awarded to an alternate winner. If the winner of the reward is a minor or a person completely deprived of business competence, for the verification of the winning, handing in and/or taking over the reward the presence of the parent, guardian or legal representative of the winner is obligatory, with the insight in the personal identification document of the winner.

Article 8. – Disclaimer – Facebook is neither responsible for the promotion nor it has anything to do with it and therefore it is not responsible for each individual who participates the competition. Facebook neither sponsors nor manages the competition and furthermore the competition is not connected to Facebook, so each participant leaves his/hers information to Organizer and not to Facebook.

Article 9. – Privacy policy – Applying data for this winning competition is voluntary. If the participant considers that the analysis of database is not in concord with the protection of his privacy or is not in concord with the law, he/she can feel free to speak to Organizer or to the Agency for protection of the personal data and to ask for an explanation. Organizer will not reveal or give information to the third person. By participating in the competition, participant accepts and approves the photos and information he/she gives, especially an e-mail, deposit to be used only with promotive purpose of Organizer's activity.

Article 10. – General terms – After the winner confirms his address of residence, Organizer sends by registered post reward to the same address. The winner is obliged to endorse the reception of the reward by his/hers signature, and then the mailroom services guarantees Organizer that the reward has been given. In case the winner is not present at his address of residence, at the moment of delivery, he/she must take over the reward in 7-days time. After the deadline, the winner loses his/hers right to reward and Organizer keeps the reward. Organizer is not responsible if the winner is not available due to inaccurate data or due to impossibility of contacting him/her. The winner can be only one member of close-knit family (spouse/parent, child, brother, sister) and Organizer has the right to ask the winner personal documents that confirms kinship with that member. Also, more participants with the same surname, on the same address will be considred as one winner. It is not possible to transfer the reward to another person. The winning competition can be cancelled only in case of circumstances that are Organizer's responsibility, or in other words, the circumstances Organizer could not prevent, remove or avoid and in that case Organizer is released from the obligation towards the participant. Participant who takes part in in the promotive winning competition accepts all the rights and obligations from these Rules. Organizer has the right to change these rules, but in that case all the participants shall be informed on time.

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