2021 Is The Year of Your Yacht Charter in Croatia

Always wanted to sail the glistening waters of the Adriatic Sea? Are your feet itching for new experiences? Yearning to dive into the unknown? Be your own genie in a bottle and make all three wishes come true. Your only regret? That you didn’t book your yacht charter in Croatia sooner.

2021 Is The Year of Your Yacht Charter in Croatia


After bidding farewell to the year that shall not be named and double-checking to make sure it’s well and truly gone, you, like many, welcomed 2021 with open arms. Full of promise, hope, and endless opportunities, you probably resolved to make the most of each day.

Think about it. You’ve spent the better part of a year cooped up in the same four walls, socially distancing yourself from loved ones and performing mundane tasks – day in, day out.
Well, no more. This is the year you dive head-first into new experiences and broaden those horizons of yours.

How? Feed your soul by taking in the breathless wonder that is the Adriatic Sea. Revel in the sensational delicacies authentic to Croatia and delight your palate. All whilst watching the sun kiss the sea – and your skin, during the day, and falling asleep under a blanket of stars at night.

If there’s ever been a time to live in the moment and chase sunsets, it’s now. So, what is it exactly that you’re waiting for? Another year to pass? Be careful – blink, and you’ll miss it.


Top Three Reasons for a Yachting Charter in Croatia in 2021

Why sail Croatia? The better question is, why not? With coronavirus added into the equation, you might be wondering if you should consider cancelling your trip to Croatia or even charter a boat at all.

The good news is that enjoying a yacht charter in Croatia is one of the safest vacation activities during these uncertain times.

With such careful health measures set around the world, you want to opt for a vacation that enables you to be as safe as possible, away from busy cities and crowds. Sailing Croatia can offer you just that. It is a chance for you to explore a new destination from the safety of your yacht.

Besides its rich cultural heritage, Croatia has a lot to offer with its idyllic scenery and the sea. It’s an ideal activity if you want to experience parts of Croatia that you can only see exclusively with a yacht.
Sailing can also uncover beautiful, secluded beaches with more than 1000 Croatian islands, but we’ll get to that in just a minute.

The unique perspective from your vessel will uncover the many mysteries of the Croatian coastline that not many people have seen before. You also get to escape the hectic travelling processes, like getting from one place to another, or even worse - lining up in queues for hours on end.

The fact that you get to wake up in a different location each day is something we cannot forget to mention. Every sailing experience in Croatia is a distinct opportunity to explore the majestic wonders of the Adriatic Sea. What’s more, it always presents you with the ability to create unforgettable memories.

You never know what awaits after you set the sail.



#1  Discover Untouched Beaches while Yachting in Croatia

From Korčula to Hvar, to the Kornati islands, whether you’re after a party atmosphere or complete seclusion, there is an idyllic beach in Croatia just for you.
The Adriatic Sea offers some of the cleanest beaches in the world, a true rarity in today’s society. Choose from sandy coves to shores filled with pebble stones that gently caress your feet as you step into its crystal clear, warm waters.

We start off locally, at Sakarun Beach on Long Island, or as the locals call it, Dugi Otok. This offers the best of both worlds. For beach bodies that love getting a healthy dose of sunlight, there is a stretch of beach filled with pebbles, while the transparent waters are accompanied with exotic white sand.

Those travelling with children will likely want to escape the intensity of the sun’s rays and can find shelter under pine trees nearby. Remember to take a book, because this is one place you will never want to leave.
Your yacht adventure in Croatia is incomplete without a trip to Stiniva Beach on the island of Vis. This magical island offers visitors many isolated coves that you can only get to via a boat. Stiniva has a very rough track that leads to it, but most people opt for the first option instead.

Feel as though you and a select few others have reached the end of the world at this sheltered white-pebble beach. The only remnant of civilisation is the lone café found on the beach serving cold drinks on blistering hot days.

For those that want a little more excitement in their lives, you can amp things up to another level at Zrće Beach. From themed parties, festivals and guest appearances from the hottest DJs in the world, the party island, or “Croatian Ibiza” doesn’t disappoint anyone with an affinity for electronic music.


Saharun beach, Dugi Otok

Zrće beach, Pag island


#2  Adventure, Yachts & Friends

Are you seeking a little more adrenalin, adventure and excitement in your life? We don’t blame you. Croatia offers all that and more; you just have to know where to find it.

Hidden treasures such as the Modrica Cave in Rovanjska, near Zadar, will ignite your inner explorer. The 829-meter-long cave is entirely natural and will take around two hours to cover. Speed things up a little with some white water rafting in Zrmanja, just an hour’s drive from Zadar. Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Zadar’s hinterland, this adventure-filled activity is family-friendly, even suitable for six-year-olds.

Trekking, hiking and climbing your way up the largest mountain in Croatia, Velebit is also sure to get your blood pumping. There are various trails that you can choose from, some more challenging than others. The mountains are complete with inclined slopes and looming cliffs. If you’re lucky, you will also be able to experience the wildlife there, such as the wild horses.

Stand up paddleboarding is all the rage these days, and Croatia is the perfect place to experience this. Why not take in the glorious sights of the Adriatic from a completely different perspective?
If you want to combine cave exploring with the sea, you can do that too. One of the most magical places to encounter is found on the Island of Biševo. Enjoy in the sparkling turquoise waters of Blue Grotto, and take some Instagram-worthy snaps with loved ones.

It should be noted that these hidden spots can be teeming with tourists in peak season, so it’s best to try and visit before or after those busy periods.


Zrmanja canyon


#3  Taste the Wonder of the Adriatic on Yachts with Friends

Did you know that some of the highest-quality restaurants in Croatia are only accessible by boats?

This unique experience is not only a once in a lifetime opportunity, but it will afford you one of the finest gastronomical experiences of your life – and that’s a promise.

These elite restaurants have a plethora of mouth-watering dishes to choose from.

Octopus Salad

Octopus salad, otherwise known as salata od hobotnice, is a popular traditional seafood dish in Croatia. The cooked octopus is served in a salad dressed in olive oil, parsley, onion, salt, and pepper. In most Croatian restaurants, this seafood dish is served with potatoes.

Black Risotto

You will find black risotto as “crni rižoto” on menus in virtually all Croatian island restaurants. This authentic Dalmatian dish that gets its colour from the cuttlefish ink. Most restaurants have their own spin on the dish. However, the basis of this seafood risotto is rice, cuttlefish, cuttlefish ink, and red wine.

Brujet / Brodet /Brudet

Brujet, broded, or brodet refer to the same dish. This fish stew is a distinct Dalmatian delicacy often prepared with at least three types of fish, and sometimes even a few crustaceans.


Gregada is one of the oldest ways of fish preparation in Dalmatia. This dish is similar to brudet, but it does not include tomatoes. The fish is cooked slowly on layers of chopped onion and potatoes. It sounds simple - and often, the best dishes usually are.

Buzara Mussels

We saved the best for last. Croatia is home to some of the best mussels in the world. Buzara refers to the preparation of this dish. Mussels are thrown in the pan with a splash of olive oil, garlic, and wine and served after 15 minutes of cooking. It can also be prepared with shrimps instead.


The Health Benefits of Sailing Yachts

It is essential to take a break from your daily routine once in a while and take time out for yourself. Sailing Croatia has many advantages for your mental and physical health, especially amid the coronavirus crisis.
The uncertain times we live in often leaves our minds riddled with anxiety. A change of scenery and taking time off with loved ones can vastly improve your mental health and increase your dopamine levels.
Sailing is also a serene experience without many distractions. That is why it opens up the space to focus on things that really matter, be it quality time with others or the necessary solitude you need to quiet your busy chattering mind.

Sailing is also beneficial for your body. If you are your yacht’s official skipper, it might develop physical strength and improve your coordination. Additionally, some sunlight exposure, the salty fresh air, and the occasional swim in the Adriatic Sea will benefit you greatly in terms of physical health.

You are probably familiar with the many health benefits seafood has to offer. Seafood is rich in many minerals and vitamins crucial for a balanced diet.

Tuna, mussels, squid, crabs, and sardines are packed with healthy fats such as omega-3. This fatty acid is integral to keep your heart healthy, brain up and running, and it can even relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Fish, squid, and octopus have large amounts of essential amino sulphuric acid taurine. It is important for your heart and brain, but it can also help with the regulation of blood pressure. Seafood can also aid with some vitamin deficiencies.

Moreover, the health benefits of eating seafood are also visible in a high amount of minerals, such as iron, magnesium, and iodine that keep your body healthy. Fish and shellfish are also an essential source of high-quality protein which regulate weight, lower blood pressure and make you feel full longer.


Chartering Sailing Boats Post Season

It is no secret that Croatia is an attractive destination for a myriad of reasons. This is also why peak season is also the most popular amongst tourists. While this might not have much of an impact on your sailing boat charter, it will definitely impact on your travel experience. You will also have no worries when it comes to skipper boating, as many skippers will be available.

During September, you can enjoy the benefits of less crowded beaches, budget flights, and the ability to book restaurants at ease. The weather is still warm, and the sea is around 23 degrees Celsius. An example of this is Zlatni Rat Beach on the island of Brač, which is normally jam-packed with visitors during the pinnacle of the season.

National Parks in Croatia are much more accessible, not to mention that you will be able to bask in the magnificent, must-see locations like Dubrovnik, Hvar and Brač without the fear of mingling with the masses.
Those sailing with kids will also want to take great caution when it comes to coronavirus restrictions, but numerous sailboat cabins will allow for privacy for all of you.



Best Sailing Routes for the Adriatic Coastline

There are a number of options for those chartering sailing boats this season. Although, if you’re strapped for time, you will need to choose which part of the Dalmatian coast you wish to explore.

For example, sailing through Northern Croatia is a brilliant idea for those who wish to discover the Kornati Islands. Proclaimed a National Park back in 1980, there are as many as 140 islands and islets to uncover. Sites of mammoth cliffs and deep blue seas will surround you, with plenty of high-end island restaurants to be found.

Central Dalmatia will offer you the opportunity to discover fabulous spots like Split and Trogir, while the beautiful Island of Vis is also on hand. Furthermore, the playground of the rich and famous, the Island of Hvar should definitely be on your bucket list if you’re in the area. Trust us; it’s not known as the Croatian St. Tropez for nothing.

For those lucky enough to have a little more time on their hands, sailing further south is something you don’t want to miss out on. Korčula is one of the biggest highlights here, providing you with a mix of gorgeous beaches, quaint seaside villages and vineyards that will never disappoint.

Speaking of locations that never disappoint, whatever you do, you must check out Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic. The walls that surround the city are both haunting and overwhelmingly magnificent at the same time. From ancient architecture to beautiful Buža bars, you definitely don’t want to do yourself a disservice by bypassing this gem.

Again, you should note that Dubrovnik’s beauty and mass popularisation by shows like Game of Thrones means that this city is flooded with tourists in the middle of summer. If you happen to visit postseason, you can enjoy in a range of festivals, such as that organised by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra.

Nature park Telašćica, Kornati

Dubrovnik old town


Croatia: a Private Yacht Charter Dream

While there are countless of wonderful destinations around the world to set sail, nothing beats the yacht charter dream location that is Croatia. With so many restrictions happening all over the globe right now, a private yacht charter is the best choice for many looking to escape their daily routine.

International waters will be packed to the rafters this oncoming season as many will pack their bags and invest in a private yacht getaway. Croatia, thankfully, is still somewhat less sought-after than other Mediterranean options.

Another bonus is that the Adriatic boasts being one of Europe sunniest coastlines to visit, with more two-thirds of the year offering sunshine.

Although it has been part of the European Union since 2013, Croatia has still kept the Kuna as its official currency. Finding excellent activities at cost-effective prices is also something you can look forward to, especially when compared to the likes of surrounding countries like Italy or Greece.

One of the biggest highlights of your private yacht charter in Croatia is that with so many islands on offer, there are endless opportunities when it comes to anchorage in remote places of the Adriatic. Small coves and islets are available virtually as far as the eye can see. Privacy and solitude are guaranteed for those who desire it.


Kornati islands


Motor Boats: a Speedy Alternative

If you are strapped for time on your holiday but wish to see as many places as you can, there is an excellent alternative to sailing boats. Motor boats offer you the luxury of an opulent interior, but also the power and speed to get you from one place to another quickly.

Choose from our selection of vessels that feature motor boats with either two or three cabins, allowing for as many as five to seven guests.

In comparison to sailing boats, that require much more skill as well as staff to set sail, motor boats, in contrast, don’t require as much experience. Once again, speed is the most significant selling factor when it comes to this type of boat and works wonders when it comes to getting to as many islands as you can on your island hopping tour.  



Final Word

Exploring the world has definitely taken on a new meaning in the past year or so. Somehow, 2021 has given us all the expectation that we will soon get back to the way we used to live, socialise and travel.

Staying in one place for extended periods of time definitely has an impact on the way we function, particularly when it comes to mental health. In a time where getting away is so important, and yet somehow so unattainable for many, taking time out for a yacht charter in Croatia is by far one of your safest and best options.

From the north end of Croatia’s coastline, right down to the southern end, the Adriatic Sea is full of glorious places and sites to see.

More than a thousand islands are awaiting you to get exploring, offering endless opportunities and countless memories.

Bask in the historical architecture of coastal cities and the charming seaside villages of fairy-tale-like towns of islands like Hvar or Korčula. These magical places date back thousands of years, with the walls keeping even more secrets.

If you’re in the mood for adventure, all you adrenaline junkies can find more than you bargained for, with activities such as sea kayaking, white water rafting, hiking, mountain climbing, sea cave exploring, and ziplining just a few of the activities on offer.

Partygoers will not be disappointed with the scene in Croatia, particularly with the likes of Zrće Beach on the island of Pag. A cheaper alternative to that of Ibiza in Spain, lovers of electronic music will be more than satisfied with the range of top DJ names that grace the stages there.

Perhaps the most sensational highlight on offer from Adriatic is the untouched, natural beauty that you can afford when visiting the area on a boat, whether it be a yacht, sailboat, catamaran or motor boat.
Once you embark upon your journey of the Adriatic, you will understand. This is because no amount of adjectives or words can even closely begin to describe what you’re about to see. So, if visiting Croatia by sea has been on your bucket list for a while now, we cannot recommend it enough.

They say that it’s the journey that matters more than your destination, and truer words have not been spoken when it comes to yachting Croatia.

Don’t be afraid to let your dreams set sail - and sail after your dreams.



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