Add romance to your life - experience sunset in Croatia

Sometimes it can be necessary to make room for romance. And sailing is as romantic as it can get. However, make sure to stop for a spell and experience a sunset in Croatia, for it is a truly life-changing event.

Add romance to your life - experience sunset in Croatia

They say that falling in love with sailing is akin to falling in love with a person, and we couldn't agree more. Passion for sailing never stops; once you try it, you soon start to like it and fall in love rather quick.

Romance for a couple sometimes can be difficult with busy way of life and daily duties. But, as long as there are sunsets on the Croatian coast, there will be romance enough.

The best sunsets and the best romantic moments are not to be experienced from land but from a boat. Why is that so? A yacht of any kind gives you the freedom of going wherever you want at your own pace. You can stop at any of the beaches or coves for a swim or hike up one of the many hills for some stunning views. And if you don't feel like going anywhere, you can always just relax on the yacht's deck and soak up the sun.

The Croatian coastline is a popular destination for vacationers and those looking for a romantic getaway. Many places along the coast offer picturesque scenery and a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for enjoying time with a loved one.



Most romantic places and sunsets on the Croatian coast

Setting sail towards the sunset and enjoying its essence is one of the rare true joys of life. You have selected a route for the best sailing experience and carefully planned what you want to visit. Or you are just playing it by heart. Either way, the Croatian coast is ideal for exploring and seeing as much as possible.

After activities packed day, there should always be a reward in the calm of the day. And on the Croatian coast, that is always the sunset. Especially those colourful ones that make the sky go alive and make you wish the evening never ends.

On the Croatian coast, sunsets are simply breath-taking. There are no other words to describe this phenomenon.

Of course, some locations are better than others for sunset watching and believe us, there is nothing more magical than witnessing sunset in the middle of the open sea.

Zadar: One of the most romantic spots known far and wide for its sunset is the town of Zadar. This beautiful old town has one of the most memorable sunsets as well as a unique location that is best to watch it from Monument to the Sun near Sea Organ.

This location only is special, but the vibrant colours of one of the most magnificent sunsets will truly be an experience you will never forget.

The Zadar canal, the area between the old town and the islands in its archipelago, is said to be the best spot for sungazing at the end of the day. Near sunset it slowly gets filled with yacht and boats of all kinds for all want to experience its beauty.



Rovinj: The sunset in Rovinj with the old town backdrop makes for an unforgettable sight. Rovinj is also a great town for a romantic getaway, best known for its narrow streets and Venetian architecture.

Rovinj is a vibrant town to explore and is also home to some great beaches and locations. Just perfect for a day of relaxation and exploration filled with romance.

The area around Rovinj consist of a few small islands that make this experience even more a sunset adventure, to see from what spot the view is even more beautiful.



Dubrovnik: The town of Dubrovnik is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia, and that is not for nothing. This impressive lovely old town with its medieval walls makes it a must-see destination.

But with all the things that make Dubrovnik so unique, its sunset is unsurpassed. Numerous locations will make watching the sunset special, but a sunset cruise around the Dubrovnik archipelago is a moment to remember.

Sail between Old town and island of Lokrum and it will make your sunset experience in Southern Croatia one of a kind.



Korčula: Often mentioned as one of the most unique locations in the Mediterranean, Korčula has to be on your to-sail list. The island itself is often on the most beautiful islands numerous list.

This enchanting old town is packed with history, and that is what makes it so special, and the feeling of ol days that have long passed.

Island of Korčula has numerous coves and bays make for an excellent romantic getaway. Anchor in of them, hug your loved one and make sure you don’t miss on the Korčulan sunset. The detail that will make this romantic getaway even more special is the sky filled with starts afterward as you have never seen before.



And one more thing connected to the Croatian coast and romance. Did you know that the Zadar archipelago has an island shaped as a heart? Of course, it does. So be sure to explore it and sail around the small island of Galešnjak near Zadar.


Romantic getaways perfect for perfect honeymoon memories

There is no better place to spend your honeymoon than in the stunning country of Croatia. Croatia is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway with its charming coastal towns and endless beaches. Turquoise waters and numerous National Parks make it an ideal location to spend your honeymoon.

And what will make your honeymoon more one of a kind? A sailing honeymoon, for sure. We simply cannot find what could be more romantic than spending the beginning of your life sailing together around the beautiful Croatian coastline. You can charter a boat that meets your needs and explore at leisure. What can be more romantic than that?

No matter what your interests are, the Croatian coast has something to offer for everyone. With its stunning scenery, delicious food and relaxed atmosphere, a honeymoon in Croatia will surely be a trip you will remember forever.



Don't forget a romantic dinner in a perfectly romantic setting

There's nothing quite like enjoying a delicious meal with someone you love. And when that meal is enjoyed in a beautiful and romantic setting, it only adds to the magic. If you want to impress your partner with a special evening out, consider planning a romantic dinner under the stars.

And be sure to take advantage of the natural beauty of your surroundings. How about a romantic dinner on your yacht? The gentle breeze, lull of the waves, the sounds of nature, and stars overhead can all add to the magic of the evening.

It wouldn't be an excellent romantic holiday without the food, wouldn't it? Croatian coast is most definitely a great place for foodies. There are plenty of excellent restaurants serving delicious local dishes. And of course, you must try some of the local wines – they're some of the best in the world.



First, consider your setting. Find a quiet and secluded spot that will make solitude an extra romantic addition. A dinner for two will require not to be bumpy on the open sea.

Secondly, think about the sailing season, like in spring. Saling in spring has all the advantages of sailing at peak season, but it is not so busy. Springs in Croatia are mild and sunny, perfect for a bit of solitude if that is to your liking.

Next, think about your menu. You don't need to prepare an elaborate feast to create a romantic dinner. In fact, simple is often best. Croatian food is usually based on local produce with local spices, but ever so tasty. And again, don't forget the wine! A nice bottle of wine can add the perfect touch to a romantic dinner.

Finally, don’t forget the main ingredient in your sailing vacation. Love. Love for sailing paired with a passion for sailing spent on a chartered yacht will make for a time you will never forget. Why is that so? Croatia is a never-ending inspiration for all, and for those in love makes for lifetime memories.

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