Best Christmas gifts for sailors

Everyone is happy when they get up on Christmas morning and see gifts under their Christmas trees, no matter the size or value. On the other hand, buying Christmas gifts can often be more a hustle than a pleasure, especially if you are trying to find something specific – such as a gift for a sailor in your life.



Christmas is a magical period of the year when everything is joyful. We gather with our friends, family, share ideas and plans about certain things, taste different food and drinks while every corner of the town or house is full of understanding and warmth. But what makes Christmas even more special is giving presents to your beloved ones. Everyone is happy when they get up on Christmas morning and see gifts under their Christmas trees, no matter the size or value.

On the other hand, buying Christmas gifts can often be more a hustle than a pleasure, especially if you are trying to find something specific – such as a gift for a sailor in your life. If your family member or close friends are sailors and sailing for them is more a lifestyle than just a hobby, but you feel that you’ve stuck with Christmas ideas for them, continue reading our blog with Christmas gift ideas especially for sailors.


1. Sailing clothing – one thing is sure, you cannot plan your sailing vacation without organising special clothes needed for this type of vacation. Of course, the type of clothes sailors take with them depends on the season they’ll choose for their sailing vacation. Nights are usually much colder than the days, and during the hot summer days it is important to wear light and bright clothes, comfortable shoes are always a must-have, especially if you want to avoid accidents caused by slippery boat parts. All in all, there is a wide range of clothing items you can give as a present to your dearest sailors. For example, sailing gloves. They are waterproof, keep sailors’ hands from falling apart after a tough day of sailing and prevent them from getting line burns. Jackets, hats, footwear are also an excellent gift idea because they will keep your sailors comfortable and dry in all conditions.


Best Christmas gifts for sailors


2. Waterproof gadget cases - the use of all kind of smart gadgets is being implemented in almost every aspect of our lives and business function. It is practically impossible to imagine going on a sailing or any other kind of vacation without them. But, what happens if your phone drops in the sea, gets wet and sinks? That’s why one of the perfect Christmas gifts for each sailor is any kind of waterproof gadget cases. These cases use dry suit zippers to keep the water out. Sailors can use their phones or tablets while they are inside the case, and, the best part is that if it accidentally goes overboard, it floats. There will be no more panic diving for phones and gadgets at the bottom of the anchorage.


3. Sailing diary - a cool leather diary logbook will cheer up any fan of tradition — a beautiful gift for all who like sailing. In their logbooks, sailors take notes about the destinations they visited, weather conditions, boat condition, anchorage places, sailed miles etc. The sailing logbook is a perfect Christmas gift because there is enough space for photos, own drawings or postcards, so this way any sailor will have a valuable and unforgettable memory of their sailing vacations.


Best Christmas gifts for sailors


4. Sailing hand watch - quality hand watch is not just a functional gadget, but it also serves as a accessory and is often even more beautiful than classic jewerly. Nowadays, some watches are so amazingly designed that is hard to stop looking at them. They come in different shapes and sizes, but a good marine watch is always an adequate and useful gift for a sailor. These watches have numerous functions and are a combination of cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art technology. Marine watches can even connect with different mobile apps or chart plotters. They also have navigational, meteorological and other functions that can help your sailor friend during their sailing vacation.


Best Christmas gifts for sailors


5. Sailor’s dry bag – many boaters have learned the unpleasant experience: the sea is very fond of cell phones, cameras, mp3, GPS, batteries, glasses, keys, wallets and clothes, so, if it does not swallow them, then at least it wets them well. That is why each sailor should have waterproof (and floating) bags for clothes and accessories. These bags are made out of lightweight fabric that is long-lasting and extra organised, so each sailor or their crew will easily arrange and separate things. They come with ring fasteners, so sailor’s bags will be attached one to another. A dry bag is always useful and practical Christmas gift for every sailor.


6. Sailing sunglasses – each sailing lover will agree that it is almost impossible to go sailing without the appropriate eyewear. Sailors navigate through the waves and summer sunshine and there is nothing worse than cruising with the blinding sun in their eyes. If you decide to buy sunglasses as a gift for your sailor, make sure they have strong UV protection and that they are unbreakable. Sun’s harsh UV rays can damage your eyes. We are sure that a pair of marine sunglasses will truly cheer up everyone.


Best Christmas gifts for sailors


7. Waterproof camera – when on a sailing vacation with your beloved ones, we are sure that you want to catch each funny, happy or clumsy moment. But, why should you restrict yourself by taking photos and recording videos only ashore. The underwater world is amazing and filled with thousand species, and we are sure that your crew’s faces underwater would look even funnier and more unforgettable. That is why a waterproof camera is a perfect Christmas gift for everyone who wants to enjoy underwater activities.


Best Christmas gifts for sailors


We hope we helped you with the potential Christmas gift list of ideas for sailors. All of them are useful and practical, so it would be nice if your sailor could have at least one of them. But bear in mind, each Christmas gift is amazing if it comes from the heart, even if it is the smallest token of affection.

In that spirit let us wish you happy and prosperous holidays.


Best Christmas gifts for sailors

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