Cooking on the yacht during your charter

We all love to eat and drink while on vacation, don't we? Especially by the sea. When sailing out for a week or two, many people find themselves eating more than they normally do at home. Why is that so?


Cooking on the yacht during your charter

We all love to eat and drink while on vacation, don’t we? Especially by the sea. When sailing out for a week or two, many people find themselves eating more than they normally do at home. :-) Why is that so?
This isn't strange because we also practically exercise when we're sailing. And the swimming of course makes the influence on that too. Sun and sea are perfect combination to make you hungry all the time :-)

Cooking on the yacht during your charter

Sailors sailing on longer routes are happy to finally dedicate themselves to everyday little obligations in which they cannot enjoy the rest of the year because of their job obligations. One such kind of obligation is cooking on a boat, or purchasing food at local markets and in stores. As the space on the yacht is more compact than the one at home, you should be crafty and clever when purchasing. You should also take in consider the refrigerator because if you are not connected to the shore power you have limited energy on the boat while the motor is running. So, plan as much as you can to find out which groceries to bring from home. This is primarily about breakfast - cereals, appetizers such as rice and pasta, vegetables for lunch and spices. Do not forget about sweet and salty snacks that will cheer your kids, and also you when you relax in the evening with a glass of wine or beer. Of course, do not forget about water that should be at least 1.5 liters per person per day and more in those hot summer days.

Cooking on the yacht during your charter

How to prepare yourself for cooking on board? We mentioned earlier, space on board is much smaller, so, your galley on boat is also quite smaller and more narrow than your kitchen at home. You need to be resourceful here. Although most boats are equipped with cutlery and pots, it would not be bad to bring a smaller coffee pot. Cooking in it will greatly shorten the amount of time needed to make meals, and its sturdy lid will allow you to cook in unfavorable conditions when the boat is rocking more than usual. Cleaning the vegetables and fish you will later put on the pan can easily be done in the sea water because the temperature at processing that food will kill any bacteria. So you will save a lot of drinking water you need to keep for a drink. Try to prepare the food you are planning to cook in advance when you are at the dock or in marina. Once you sail out, the waves may be a concern to you, especially if you are cooking with hot water or oil. It is not difficult to believe that the most cooking injuries are happening on the boats during sailing.

Cooking on the yacht during your charter

Remember, when you are on a boat, the foundation of good cuisine is – safety! What is recommended to cook on board? Actually, there is no specific rule that would prescribe which foods are good for carrying on a boat and which are not. All you have to do is make sure that the foods are not easily perishable, as this will harm your digestion and therefore your sea adventure. For the main meal we recommend you various salads. They are rich in vegetables and fruit, which can last up to a week on a boat, and are light and refreshing. If you manage to catch an octopus or getting shellfish, we believe you will want to prepare them. When the bad fishing day occurs, you can also use tuna cans served with tomato sauce and of course pasta on loads of different ways. The sandwiches with salami/cheese and vegetables on the boat are not unknown to sailors, but are desirable for those days when you want to dine on the beach. Of course, after a few days of dry diet, your body will look for some liquid fresh prepared dish. Then you will have a good cup of hot soup which is also not demanding for preparation. Legumes from can with a few potatoes and cucumbers will quickly turn into a grateful meal for you. There will probably be times when you will want to try local specialties. We advise you to go to the town before dinner when the shops are still open. Buy a piece of meat or fish that will be able to be fresh till the morning without freezing it, some vegetables, hard cheese and grapes for meals the next day. After several days, the barbecue will be a real treat, and for dessert you can combine pieces of quality hard cheese and grapes or some fruit salad will be enough sweet and refreshed desert.

Cooking on the yacht during your charter

In the end, do not forget to enjoy the moment. Cooking and mutual meals on a boat are what you have probably dreamed of and desire for. Finally, the time has come when you could get it. Leave the technology and newspapers on the side and maximally enjoy the company of your loved ones. Let your smile and sun be filled with positivity and refill your batteries until your next sea adventure.

Cooking on the yacht during your charter

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