Croatian island bays - oases for sailors

Croatian coast has beenamong favorite destinations to numerous sailors, not only because of crystal clear sea and favorable winds, but also because of huge number of islands. We're bringing you top 10 bays you must visit this year.


Croatian coast has been among favorite destinations to numerous sailors not only because of crystal clear sea and favorable winds, but also because of huge number of islands. We’re bringing you top 10 bays you must visit this year. You want to know why?
We can guarantee you that these places will make you enjoy and recharge your batteries. All the bays listed below are placed on Croatian islands and are hidden from curious eyes. You can reach them by boat or eventually on foot through forest paths that will ensure your privacy. Just imagine: you and your friends and family, enjoying on the boat in some quiet bay, surrounded by peaceful nature. Sounds great, right?
We’ll introduce you 10 bays known only to the experienced skippers. Be one of them and show your skills to your friends.
Whether you sail towards north or south, we have something to please everyone’s expectations. Find your ideal island bay for this year’s vacation! We’re sure you’ll return next year.


1. Bays Mala and Vela Luka, The island of Krk

Bay: 44°59'31.0"N 14°48'02.4"E

What makes Mala Luka bay so special? Instead being one of the best bathing spots on island of Krk, this bay also gives you the most powerful visual sensation that island can provide itself. It is peaceful, so your privacy can only be interrupted by some curious sheep on the island. Opposite from Mala Luka there is Vela Luka, that is a pure contrary. There you can have a nice meal in the restaurant or rent a parasol and deck chair to enjoy on the beach. The area between these two bays is called Bosar, it used to be a Roman settlement. If you’re equipped with adequate clothes, we suggest you to go hiking and enjoy one beautiful view on these two bays.


Croatian island bays - oases for sailors



2. Beach Meli, The island of Cres

Bay: 44° 37' 46.92''N, 14° 31' 54.84''E

Once you visit Cres, you’ll always come back. Cres is the biggest Croatian island, 20th of the Mediterranean, full of natural beauties and its bays are true paradises. One of them is beach Meli, placed on the eastern side of island Cres. The beach is ideal for those who do not like big crowds because it’s hidden and less known so it is perfect for intimate moments of your vacation.


Croatian island bays - oases for sailors



3. Anchorage Sveta Mara, The island of Rab

Bay : 44° 46' 53.04''N, 14° 39' 55.08''E

Anchorage is placed on the west side of Rab island and it is well protected against all winds except “Jugo”. Peaceful, with crystal clear sea and surrounded by beautiful pine forest, this bay is perfect hidden place for your vacation.

Croatian island bays - oases for sailors



4.Island of  Premuda

Bay: 44° 19' 36.11''N, 14° 36' 56.16''E
Krijal: 44° 20' 16.08''N, 14° 35' 35.88''E

It’s really difficult to choose only one bay on this magnificent island. Here you can spend a tranquil vacation far away from your everyday life. Premuda has about one hundred inhabitants, but the population strongly varies during the tourist season. It is favorite nautical and sports’ fisherman spot and Krijal bay is its anchorage spot which you can use. Premuda is an excellent choice for families with kids as there are many pebble beaches. Island is also an attractive destination for divers as near Premuda there are numerous attractive locations for diving, such as popular Cathedral.


Croatian island bays - oases for sailors



5. Mala Rava, The island of Rava

44°02'18.5"N, 15°03'20.6"E

Mala Rava is located in the Lokvina bay on the island of Rava in Zadar archipelago. It’s protected from winds and therefore favorable for anchorage. Mala Rava is a really small village where you’ll find an oil mill and one restaurant. Would you like to try their olive oil and relax with the sound of crickets, sense of sea and taste of dalmatian food? If you do, why not get there with our motorboat Vektor 950 named after this island?


Croatian island bays - oases for sailors



6. Lavsa, The Kornati

43°45'13.3"N 15°22'07.6"E

Inevitable destination to numerous sailors. Sailing in this archipelago means to catch the wind and waves while you go between hundreds of small islands and reefs. Anchor in lonely bays, where you could think how this paradise was perfectly made just for you. We suggest you island Lavsa! The island that was chosen by Guardian as the most beautiful place to visit on your vacation. What else to say?


Croatian island bays - oases for sailors



7. Bay Pritišćina, The island of  Vis

43°00'29.7"N 16°06'47.1"E

On the southern part of island of Vis, one of the smallest, but also the most beautiful bays of Vis was located. In this bay you’ll find only gravel beach and a few stone houses. There is no organized buoys, restaurants or phone signal in this bay and therefore not many visitors go there. If you need that kind of vacation, you should definitely visit Pritišćina bay on island of Vis.


Croatian island bays - oases for sailors



8. Beach Pupnatska luka, island of Korčula

42° 55' 42.96''N, 17° 0' 2.16''E

Welcome to the smallest place on island of Korčula- Pupnat! The reason why we’re suggesting you this place is its stunning pebble beach in bay Pupnatska Luka, on the southern side of island of Korčula. In case you‘ll feel like you want to explore the bay and surroundings a bit more, no problem, you can always rent a car, scooter or bicycle to go for a day trip. As we all know how swimming, sailing, tanning can get us really hungry, there is also a restaurant nearby the beach with a stunning view towards island of Lastovo.


Croatian island bays - oases for sailors



9. Beach Saplun, The island of  Lastovo

42° 46' 44"N, 16° 59' 25"E

Because of its distance from the mainland, the island of Lastovo and its area is one of the most preserved marine areas in the Adriatic that has led it to become a Nature Park. It has numerous hidden bays reachable only by boat, but among all of them one beach should be mentioned as a highlight. Beach Saplun, on an uninhabited island of Saplun is true undiscovered pearl of Lastovo archipelago. The island has many woods and trees, full of natural shade to escape hot, summer sun and the sea is full of white sand.


10. Lokrum

42°37'32.7"N 18°07'22.3"E

The island with rich history, interesting vegetation, lake and breathtaking sea. According to history, Maximilian of Habsburg Dynasty had once during his visit on this island built a garden which still exists as Botanical garden and is open to visitors. A great number of plant species, characteristic for Australia and South America, grows on island. There is a legend related to this island that says: ‘Nothing from the island should be taken or bad luck will hunt you.’ This is superstition, but more likely it is to show respect towards island and its values.


Croatian island bays - oases for sailors

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