First-hand story about yacht charter holiday in Croatia

For all of you who plan to rent a yacht, but still don't know if sailboat or motor boat would be a better solution, we decided to make things easier and made a small surwey with two of our clients who rent sailing and motor boat every season and asked them about their preferences and experience. Check it out!


With the summer time approaching, many people are trying to decide which type of the vacation would suit them the most. Among numerous options, sailing and boating are definitely some of the most special holiday experiences which will give you full time relaxation and will detach you from usual hotel rooms or apartments kind of vacation.
Therefore, we’ve decided to make a small survey, so we’ve asked two of our long-time clients, one who prefers sailing boats (Mr. Oppel) and one who prefers motor boats (Mr. Block) to define us their main reasons and ways of spending unforgettable vacations on board and choosing Asta Yachting as their favourite charter company.

1) Question: How long have you been spending your vacation in Croatia?

Answer (Mr. Oppel):
I hired a motor boat during our vacation at Muline, island of Ugljan, but sailing boats always inspired me more. On 2005., I got a boat licence and since then, each year I spend my vacations sailing along Croatian coast.
Answer (Mr. Block): We’ve been spending a lot of years vacationing in Croatia, in the apartment on the island of Lošinj. Sometimes we used to rent a small boat. At some point we realized that, for the price of apartments and this small boat we could rent a "real" boat and that, in that case, the apartment would no longer be needed. That is why I got a boat licence as well as VHF licence in 2000.

2) Question: What’s your favorite destination and is there any particular spot in Croatia you definitely don’t want to miss during your trip? Do you plan your route according to these destinations or you prefer exploring new places and regions?

Answer (Mr. Oppel)
: Starting from Kornati islands, sailing off to Skradin, visiting small places on various islands or visiting cities such as Zadar, Trogir and Šibenik, berthing in romantic hidden bays or just having a longer sailing tour towards Dubrovnik - all of them are definitely beautiful spots and destinations. After more than 10 years of sailing along the Croatian coast, mostly couple of times each year with various crews, we always discover some new hidden places and never feel bored with the places we’ve already seen before.
Answer (Mr. Block): The first motor boat we rented was Adria 1002 in the bay of Kvarner long time ago. We embarked in Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj, and from there visited almost all islands in the northern Adriatic, such as Susak, Ilovik, Unije, Cres, Krk and Rab. On our way to Sukošan, we berthed in the ports of Molat, Ist, Silba and also Dugi Otok (northern Dalmatia). Our favorite places we’ve visited are located in the middle and in southern Adriatic. Stari Grad on island Hvar is one of our favorite locations and is followed by town Hvar and town Maslinica on island Šolta. But, we always come back to port of Rogoznica, city of Primošten and city of Trogir. All mentioned places are always on our sailing itinirery.

3) Question: Do you prefer motor boats or sailing boats? Which ones have more advantages for you?
Answer (Mr. Oppel): For me, sailing is much more interesting and relaxing than driving a motor boat. It's fascinating that you can do all without engine noise, just with a wind power and discover so many places at the same time. OK, sailing boats are kind of motor boats also, especially when there is no wind and you’re not able to sail without a motor, but, there is no doubt I prefer sailing boats more.
Answer (Mr. Block): The main advantage regarding motor boat over sailing boat is, that motor boat is much faster and it allows you to travel faster from one place to another. In situations where we like some new place that we recently discovered, we often decide to stay there for a couple of days. Sailing is definitely a lot of work for us, as we are only two persons on board and, therefore, the transition to the sailing boat is not an option for us.

4) Question: What was the most important thing for choosing the charter company and how did you choose Asta Yachting?

Answer (Mr. Oppel): Since I was a child I'm closely connected to water sports and from 1995., I’ve been visiting Croatia on a regular basis. Croatian coast with its islands, pitoresque places, cultural heritage and great cuisine is a beautiful destination for vacation and nautical holidays. I’ve received a lot of recommendations for Asta Yachting as a great company, and since I’ve chartered with Asta for the first time, I’ve had only great experience.
Answer (Mr. Block):
Since we know the weather conditions in Croatia, we decided, after passing the licence exams, to look up for a charter company on the Internet. After a lot of inquiries we decided to take a boat from Asta Yachting. I spent my first vacation in Croatia in 1971. in Šolta and since then "Croatian fever" hasn’t left me.

5) Question: What is the biggest value Asta Yachting gives you with their service?

Answer (Mr. Oppel): Regarding Asta Yachting I appreciate quick and correct booking procedure, fair prices, good maintenance on the spot, and simple deposit insurance coverage possibility.
Answer (Mr. Block): Answering this question is quite difficult because it depends of lot of factors. For us, it means that Asta’s charter is easy to handle, that in Asta there is kindness and friendly approach between company’s crew and their clients and that the service is professional and always willing to help quickly. We have to add that in the last years, Asta Yachting has introduced mobile phones on their every boat, so in case of any problems we can quickly ask for help. It all makes additional value, and it’s hard to be better than that.

6) Question: What does a sailing vacation mean to you?
Answer (Mr.Oppel): It's not simple to easily explain how sailing can be special. I can only suggest you to experience it with some good friends or an experienced skipper. Good Adriatic weather conditions and good winds are ideal for sailing beginners to give it a try and fall in love.
Answer (Mr.Block): Spending vacation on a boat for us represents freedom, pleasure and full recovery. After our first boat vacation experience and sailing along the Adriatic we became addicted to such a vacation and don’t plan to stop.

We hope to give you more than enough reasons to spend your summer holiday along Croatian coast.
Boating or sailing, it’s up to you! Experience Croatian coast and its islands together with the people who live there, feel the sea and wind and just relax. That’s why you are here for. If you need more info or some detailed offer please do not hesitate to contact our booking team!

First-hand story about yacht charter holiday in Croatia

First-hand story about yacht charter holiday in Croatia

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