Oceanis 51.1 for your unique charter experience
We have officially opened a new booking season so you can already book your vacation for the following year. Of course, like every year, we have a new addition to our charter fleet. In 2020 you can sail out with a brand new sailing yacht from our base in Sukošan, the beautiful Oceanis 51.1.

Oceanis 51.1 for your unique charter experience


While autumn sailing enthusiasts are still enjoying their time exploring Croatia in this amazing season, some people have already forgotten that they were on vacation. But which ever season you like, we believe that you enjoy being on a sailboat, catching the wind in the sails and improving your sailing skills year after year.


As you probably know, the sailing season in Croatia lasts from the beginning of April to the end of October. That's why our team has already started preparing our fleet for the new charter season. We have officially opened a new booking season so you can already book your vacation for the following year. Of course, like every year, we have a new addition to our charter fleet. In 2020 you can sail out with a brand new sailing yacht from our base in Sukošan, the beautiful Oceanis 51.1.


This model is the first in the Beneteau Oceanis' line of 7th generation. Elegant and fast sailing yacht will give you a comfortable and enjoyable vacation you have always wanted. The Oceanis line is dedicated to cruising, so there was a lot of time spent from the designers side in designing the spacious cockpit and bathing platform for easy access to the sea. Oceanis 51.1 has a huge swimming platform that can be lowered and raised with an electric actuator. Dinghy can be stored on a very solid and comfortable bathing ladder. The cockpit layout was designed to offer you even more comfort.




There are no longer areas with winches and seats close together. The deck yard is all about the safety, so young children or the friends who do not necessarily know how to sail will be protected under the bimini, in the front of the cockpit. Anything onboard that is related to manoeuvring, or what might be a bit dangerous for kids, like winches, for example, are located in one place. So, worried moms, you can be calm and relaxingly enjoy while kids play around.



This is also an ideal deck layout for people who want to sail alone or in company as the electronics on the console and all the winches are right at hand which means one can control the whole boat from this position. In the middle of the cockpit, there is a huge dining table which can comfortably accommodate 10 to 12 people. There is also a 30-litre fridge with several cup holders and a compass to aft for navigation.


Finally, at the front of the cockpit there are two very comfortable sunbathing areas with an easy-to-use backrest. Dedicated storage for the life raft in the cockpit table was created on this fantastic sailing yacht. This frees up all the other storage lockers for the rest of your equipment. There are deep lockers under the seats to both starboard and port line storage bags. Getting up to the foredeck, it is also essential to point out there are large side decks that serve as good footing. Lifelines are high and easy to grab.



This new generation of hulls is really beneficial for interior space, but also improves the deck area as well. You will enjoy your time on foredeck by bringing the loungers forward to sunbath and make this space perfect for relaxation. Additional storage space for paddles, dinghy or fenders can also be found in the large sail locker.


Yacht interior is very bright with large hull portals and many deck hatches and openings for proper ventilation. Our Oceanis 51.1 has five cabins plus salon and additional skipper’s cabin in bow, three bathrooms with showers and can accommodate up to 12 people. The interior is finished in stunning mahagony. Kitchen galley is ideal to use at sea as it is full of handrails so you will be able to stand securely. It has ample countertops accessible from all sides. Upper and lower cabinets offer large storage spaces. You will be able to accommodate up to 8 people around the huge salon table, and as an extensible table allows you the use of portside couch, you will be able to accommodate up to 12 people at the same time. The table can also be lowered to create an extra berth or large lounging space to read your favourite book or watch TV.




There are four double bed cabins and one bunk bed cabin with many cubby holes in bedside tables, wardrobe, shoe storage and space storage under beds. All cabins are light, spacious, well ventilated with USB sockets and numerous storage spaces. All in all, this sailing yacht is brilliant, spacious, comfortable and fast. An ideal option for both; people who want authentic sailing experience and improve their sailing skills, and those who will relax, read and chill enjoying the comfortable and spacious design of this new generation sailing beauty – Oceanis 51.1.





The availability and prices of this sailing yacht can be checked here. Click on the calendar to choose your sailing week.

We also remind you of early booking discount, which lasts until 1/31/2020 and of all our boats ready for charter season 2020 that you can check here.

Choose your favourite season and get a great deal on your next vacation in Croatia.

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