Preseason sailing adventure in Croatia

Great opportunity for those seeking for a piece of the sea adventure and enjoying sailing in the preseason in Croatia! Zadar Outdoor Festival is the right event for you!


Great opportunity for those seeking for a piece of the sea adventure and enjoying sailing in the preseason in Croatia!Zadar Outdoor Festival is the right event for you!

Sailing in spring can be really charming. Except enjoying in good winds and pleasant weather, you’ll also enjoy the fact that you’re avoiding the peak of touristic season and you don’t have to fight for your own piece of sea, buoy or beach. But, if you, despite all, still seek for a challenge - we suggest you to aim your strength to the second sailing regatta of Zadar Outdoor Festival.

Preseason sailing adventure in Croatia

During one long weekend, the whole Zadar region will host numerous competitors in couple of disciplines in order to test their sport abilities and have so much fun. ‘Zadar Regatta’ lasts for two days, from 12th to 13th of May 2018. In case you are thinking: ‘But, I’m an amateur and I don’t know how to sail’- no problem, you can join ‘Zadar Regatta’ to learn the main sailing techniques and to feel the co-living with sea and wind. This regatta is convenient for sailing amateurs because each sailing yacht has its own professional and experienced skipper. You can apply for regatta here.

The route will take you through Zadar channel, from one part of island Ugljan to another; you’ll take a look at islands Rivanj, Pašman and beautiful Zadar region. In the end, you’ll sail next to the ‘Sea organ’ and ‘the Greeting to the Sun’. The official end of the regatta and the winners will be announced in the sailing club ‘Uskok’, regatta organizer’s club. But, the best is about to come – this regatta’s end doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of your sailing adventure.
Preseason sailing adventure in Croatia
Asta Yachting, who is one of the the main sponsors and provides sailing yachts for ‘Zadar regatta’, offers you a sailing yacht rental under special conditions. In other words, it’s not an end of your sailing until you say so. We offer you to go even further into exploring and enjoying the Adriatic coast. There are many routes, and the choice is entirely yours. Maybe you would like to sail off to Nature Park Telašćica, have a look at magnificent cliffs Strmac and dip your legs into Salt Lake ‘Mir’. In case you’re a cat lover, you will definitely make a drop-by to island Silba where there are lots of cats and no cars, or if you’ll rather prefer to observe dolphins – then island Mali Lošinj would be a perfect destination for you. Trip to Skradin offers up-stream sailing on the Krka River, amazing sceneries and finally – ‘Krka National Park’. You can also make a drop-by to ‘Kornati National Park’ and when you get there - don’t miss the chance to slide along the small dozen islands and islets. Sail to the Northern Adriatic to have a glass of vine, popular Žlahtina, or to island Pag to taste its world famous cheese. You can also head to the Southern Adriatic on the way to island Korčula where you’ll get a dessert ‘cukarin or klašun’, traditional island treats. Or just make a stop-by in Split, take a stroll through Diocletian’s Palace and have a coffee on ‘Splitska Riva’.
Preseason sailing adventure in Croatia

No matter if you’re more interested in historical, natural or maybe gastronomical beauties; you can definitely rely on one of our tailor made routes. If you have special wishes - Asta Yachting will be more than glad to design a route according your wishes, and all of that with some special benefits worth only for Zadar regatta’s participants.

The joy of good entertainment and the rush of "sport" adrenaline, both tailored in a little vacation in the preseason, is a really nice recipe for the start of a good vacation. In addition to ‘Zadar Regatta’, Zadar Outdoor Festival also organizes a swimming marathon, kayak racing, and land sports competitions in the form of trekking races, cycling races and 5 or 10 km running races under interesting name "Run into the Sunset" (wonderful and famous Zadar sunset will be waiting for you when you cross the finish line).

Preseason sailing adventure in Croatia

Sunsets are even more beautiful when being watched and enjoyed from the boat deck. Asta Yachting has a fleet of 60 sailing boats ranging from 9 and up to 16 meters long. Depending on the size, they have a capacity of 6 to 12 berths. We are definitely sure that you will find an ideal sailing boat for yourself and your crew, with an excellent skipper who will make you ‘shine’ at the Zadar Outdoor Festival and let you enjoy the rest of the time at the sea.

Contact us for more details, and we’re looking forward seeing you at the second Zadar Outdoor Festival!

Unleash your inner sea beast!

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