Sail on Whiff of History - seven days sailing route from Sukošan
Besides breathtaking coastal towns and islands, some well known as party destinations, Croatia can offer also peaceful and relaxing bays, small Dalmatian pitoresque places and intact nature. In this blog, we bring you seven days sailing route suggestion starting and finishing in Sukošan, along which you’ll definitely find mentioned peaceful and stress releif destinations.

Sail on Whiff of History - seven days sailing route from Sukošan

If sailing in Croatia for you means an unforgettable mixture of adventure, relaxation, clear water and splendid beaches, just continue to read. Modern technology has made our personal and business lives easier, but it has also imposed a rapid lifestyle.

Whether we want it or not, by using mobile phones, the office will always be in our pockets, and the stress has become an essential part of our lives. Precisely because of that, vacation has a whole different meaning. Each day more and more people want to turn their phones off, charter a sailing yacht, relax by the sea and listen to the wind during their seven-day vacation.

Believe it or not, Croatia can offer you even more than that. Besides breathtaking coastal towns and islands, some well known as party destinations, Croatia can offer also peaceful and relaxing bays, small Dalmatian pitoresque places and intact nature.

In this blog, we bring you seven days sailing route suggestion starting and finishing in Sukošan, along which you’ll definitely find mentioned peaceful and stress releif destinations.


1. Day: Sukošan - Muline


Our base is located in D-marin Dalmacija, just near Sukošan, beautiful small place nearby Zadar, but with the biggest marina in Croatia and region. Check- in and embarkment take place mainly on Saturdays at about 5 p.m., and after that, your sailing adventure can begin. Set sails towards the northwestern part of the nearby island of Ugljan. Muline, its charming, small place is located in a spacious bay where you can spend the night. The bay is under concession, meaning that berth place on the buoy must be paid. We recommend night walk through Muline, traditional island settlement where people in ancient times lived from production of olive oil. Today there can be found a replica of one of the biggest oil mills with the powerful olive grind machine, where the old Romans produced oil and delivered it all over the Roman Empire. After a short sailing and pleasant walk along Muline, you’ll have a tight sleep and sweet dreams on your boat.


D-marin Dalmacija with Sukošan in the background


Muline bay - Ugljan island



2. Day: Muline - Zapuntel


Is there anything more beautiful than waking up in the gorgeous, calm bay? Have a cup of coffee or tea and amazingly start your day with light breeze and cricket sound. After your breakfast, set sails towards Molat, another amazing island located in Zadar archipelago. Zapuntel is an ideal spot for everyone who wants to spend an afternoon surrounded by clear waters and greenery. Even though this place is a bit away from the inland, in just 15 minutes of walk, you’ll be there. Bay is protected from all winds, which makes it an ideal sailors’ coven. Your boat will have a safe port, electricity and water connection, and you will have a calm night to hang out with your family or relax with some book in your hands.


Molat island


3. Day Zapuntel – Ilovik


The third day we sail towards the north to Ilovik. The island of Ilovik is situated on the border between the north and middle Adriatic and belongs to the Lošinj archipelago. The island's location is fantastic, meaning it is accessible from all sides and has many stunning bays. In the largest bay there is a sandy beach of Paržina. The island is protected from all winds, and nearby it is the uninhabited island of St. Petar. It is interesting that on St. Petar's island is Ilovik villagers' cemetery. Only Ilovik has about 170 inhabitants, and breathtaking gardens full of flowers, which make this tiny island one real floral fairy tale.


Ilovik bay


4. Day: Ilovik- Mali Lošinj


You've just woken up at the southern part of the Lošinj archipelago, well called as Croatian island of vitality, and it would be such a shame not to explore more of that area. Clear waters, pure air and abundant plant and animal life are characteristics of this part of the Adriatic Sea. Accompanied by dolphins, sail between the islands and find an ideal bay for swimming and sun tanning. To refresh yourself and your boat and prepare it for further travel, we recommend you to spend the night in Mali Lošinj. Even though its name tells the contrary, Mali Lošinj is not that small like its name says in Croatian, it's the biggest island settlement in Croatia. It is a place that has many historical monuments, as well as numerous villas of former Austrian aristocracy. You can also visit the ‘Miomiris Vrt’, which is island herbs nursery. During the summer months, various events are organized in which both tourists and locals enjoy. Although we are talking about quiet and calm places in this blog, we have made an exception with Mali Lošinj. Why? We are sure that it will win you over with its charming vibes, in the same way, it has won us too! With its beauty and pleasant atmosphere that dominates the place, it certainly deserves to be on this route. In Mali Lošinj there are many restaurants and taverns perfect for socialising with family or friends with top gastronomic delicacies! Fill the stomach because tomorrow is a day when your new adventure starts!


Mali Lošinj panorama


5. Day: Mali Lošinj – Silba/Olib/Molat


After gorgeous Lošinj archipelago it's time to set sails backwards to the south. We recommend you to visit some islands that are located on the northwest side of Zadar – Silba – no car island, Olib and Molat. Whether you opt for combination or one of the destinations listed above, you won't regret it. Besides the plenty of untouched sandy and pebble bays and crystal-clear sea, these destinations are known for their amazing underwater enriched sea flora and fauna. When you dive in, you can explore remains of sunken boats. Truly fulfilling! In case you have favorable sailing weather, don’t miss to visit all three islands with your boat, and pick one safe port to have dinner and spend the night. On the island of Murter, except already mentioned Zapuntel, you can find two more settlements and numerous bays. Whichever bay you choose, you’ll be delighted by the island’s tranquility and restaurants located by the sea. In some way, Silba gives you a real picture of the island with a whiff of past times, without cars and recently with a status of first ECO island in Croatia. You can find many rural households in Silba, where you can buy, besides good homemade food, various souvenirs such as honey, herbal creams and hand-made crafts. There is a beautiful island of Olib on the east side of Silba. On one side of the island you will discover the largest bay on the island where you can dive and spend the night, and on the other side you will enjoy your walks along sandy beach. With a few more secluded coves, this island is intended for silence and privacy lovers. Anchor in one of the bays and enjoy a well-maintained authentic atmosphere of this beautiful island.


Silba harbour

Silba bay


6. Day: Silba/Olib/Molat – Veli Rat


This amazing sailing route that includes destinations located north of our base ends at the northernmost part of the Dugi otok. Veli Rat is in Čuna bay. There you'll find modern marina with great restaurant where you can enjoy dinner during your last day on vacation. This small island settlement is surrounded by dense, pine wood and crystal, clear sea. Nearby Veli Rat, there is a lighthouse with the same name. It is significant because it's one of the best-preserved Adriatic lighthouses. You can visit it at any time and catch a breathtaking panoramic view from 42 m of altitude.


Veli Rat panorama - Dugi otok


7. Day: Veli Rat- Sukošan


Before you set sail towards the marina in Sukošan to check-out, use your day to swim, suntan and sail in one of many Dugi Otok bays and then in the afternoon sail towards our base in Sukošan. We believe you'll enjoy your sailing by choosing this route and recharge your batteries for rest of the year. Give your crew and yourself relaxing vacation in gorgeous bays along Adriatic Sea. As this is only one route suggestion, you don't have to take it for granted. Add some new destinations or activities, remain two nights in one place, change your schedule, whatever.

The most important part of all is to make it your unique and unforgettable vacation! In case you haven't booked the boat yet, hurry up! There are few boats left in our last minute offer!


Dugi otok shipwreck

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