Sailing Vacation Croatia: Sukošan – Skradin – Sukošan

Explore the magnificent Adriatic coastline and experience the perfect sailing vacation in Croatia with this sailing Croatia guide.

Sailing Vacation Croatia: Sukošan – Skradin – Sukošan


A sailing vacation in Croatia is the perfect getaway for you, your friends and your family. So why not ignite your imagination while uncovering the deepest shades of blue of the Adriatic Sea?

Given the health crisis the world is going through, it is no surprise that while regular travel has decreased, sailing vacations have skyrocketed.

Sailing in Croatia is like nothing you’ve experienced before, but if you’re not sure where to start, we completely understand. With more than 1,000 islands along the coast, the choices are endless and often overwhelming, particularly if it’s your first sailboat charter.

Our seven-day Sailing Croatia Guide takes you from Sukošan through to Skradin.

Approaching the coast of Croatia from the sea, it’s impossible not to be awed by the towering cliffs that are met by the turquoise sea. Looming landscapes and dreamy village are waiting to be explored.

Are you ready to set sail?



7 Day Sailing Croatia Guide

1. Sukošan – Murter

We start our journey in Sukošan, where our Asta Yachting team is based. There, we will prepare you with everything you may need in terms of the journey ahead. Murter is a brilliant base for anyone wanting to make their way over to the Kornati Islands.

This sleepy island is donned with quaint beaches, traditional Dalmatian cuisine and a tapestry of smaller islands in the vicinity.

A great start to your adventure awaits in Murter.



2. Murter – Zlarin

As we head further towards Šibenik, we arrive at the island of Zlarin. Priding itself as being an undiscovered jewel, Zlarin is home to breath-taking red coral. It is believed to protect against an array of ailments, as well as protecting pregnant women as well as newborns.

Interestingly enough, Zlarin is the only island in Croatia that has begun an initiative to completely rid itself of single-use plastics. The Adriatic Plastic Challenge has seen all the people living and working on Zlarin stand together in the fight to keep the Adriatic Sea and the island of Zlarin plastic-free.



3. Zlarin – Skradin

Your seven-day adventure continues in Skradin, a town located just 15 km from Šibenik and at the entrance of the truly enchanting Krka National Park. Rich in history dating back two thousand years, history buffs can enjoy a variety of notable archaeological sites.

A popular stop, and one considered the most beautiful for travellers heading from Zagreb to Split, Skradin is often seen as a great photo opportunity. Venturing into this town which is an entirely protected cultural heritage monument, you can expect to fall in love with its cobble stone streets and hidden alleyways.



4. Skradin – Žirje

Those of you looking to escape the crowds and truly enjoy an oasis of peace and tranqulity cannot afford to miss the island of Žirje. As the largest and the furthest set island in the Šibenik archipelago, you can expect to see some magical panoramas. In addition to that, there are also a number of military sites on the island that you can visit as well as the Gradina and Gustirna Byzantine fortresses.

The great thing about Žirje is that there are quite a few secret spots to explore that are very much off the beaten tourist track. This will allow you to discover Croatia in a truly authentic and secure way.



5. Žirje – Kornati

The Kornati Islands simply need to be seen to be believed. There are no words that can do this archipelago justice, but we can only try. With as many as 140 uninhabited islands, reefs and islets, the Kornati islands are also the densest and largest archipelago found in the Adriatic.



The oaks that were once before found on these islands have long before been burned down, giving the islands themselves a barren look to them. This, however, in no way takes away from their haunting beauty, as it even further enhances their whiteness. The looming cliffs encapsulated by the blue waters of the Adriatic is a sight you need to see.

We recommend checking out Telaščica, a nature park that’s located at the very southeast end of Dugi Otok, unarguably one of the most untouched and stunning natural harbours in the vicinity.

This is a breeding ground for those making their escape by sea, and you will likely see many boats passing in the area. Instead of being overcrowded though, the vast area of the Kornati archipelago means that you will always be able to find a secluded cove for you and your loved ones to enjoy.



6. Kornati – Sali/Mala Rava/Iž

Your next stop gives you the option of three luscious locations, Sali, Mala Rava and Iž.

Sali, the largest town on Dugi Otok, accompanied by 11 other villages. Rich in a thousand-year fishing tradition, it is no surprise that this is the location where you can find some of the best seafood delicacies on the coast.



Situated just between Dugi Otok and Iž is Mala Rava. Again, the island of Rava is ideal for anyone that is seeking peace and quiet on their summer getaway. This is where you go if you wish to experience time standing still. Serenity at its finest.

Your last option of the three is the island of Iž. Not only is this island a great option for nature lovers, it is perfect for those seeking isolation from overcrowded tourist spots.

The two charming villages on the island are adorned with old architecture which give you an authentic glimpse into the past. The warm-hearted locals and excellent culinary dishes are sure to delight every traveller.



7. Sali/Mala Rava/Iž – Sukošan

We complete your seven-day adventure at its very beginning, in Sukošan. The marina here is equipped with everything you might need to ensure your trip home or further up or down the coast is as seamless as possible.

Those who wish to explore can head into Zadar and experience the many historically and culturally rich sights there.



Plan Your Croatian Sailing Vacation Now

If you dream of sailing the Adriatic coastline, we can help you out with that. Not sure which type of boat you might need for your family and friends, or maybe you want to know more about hiring a skipper with your rental? We take care of that as well.

The one thing we urge you not to miss is experiencing Croatia from the sea.

So, why wait? Book your Croatian sailing vacation today and sail into the sunset with no regrets.


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