Useful web sites for Sailing holiday in Croatia

Spring is knocking on the door and the charter season in Croatia is just about to start. Our boats are ready for their first casting off in this year and for the whole upcoming season. The question is; are you ready for the new adventures during your sailing time in Croatia?

Sailing holiday in Croatia – Useful web sites to set you up


Spring is knocking on the door and the charter season in Croatia is just about to start. Our boats are ready for their first casting off in this year and for the whole upcoming season. The question is; are you ready for the new adventures during your sailing time in Croatia?


We believe you've already booked your charter week and that you are impatiently waiting for the day when your vacation will start. Seven days on board is completely enough for the perfect vacation and discovering new destinations. But, also, seven days on board requires good preparation and it does not only refer to efficient packing of clothes and preparing food menu for the charter week, but it also includes the whole planning of your vacation. Where to go and what to see during the sailing season in Croatia, and what will the weather forecast be like, are all the questions on which you want to have an answer. But, that can sometimes be difficult. Luckily, social media has become a great source of all kind of information, so we've prepared some interesting web sites, Facebook pages and applications as your 'must' haves and for visits during your sailing time along the Adriatic coast. Be informed in each moment 


1. Weather forecast


Don't let the weather surprise you on your vacation! During your holiday on a sailing yacht, it is necessary to check the forecast regularly. Pay attention to wind intensity and direction, air and sea temperature and the eventual rain arrival. Will you spend the day in quiet and calm bay, anchor the boat in marina and visit some of the beautiful coast towns, or you'll simply use the day for sailing, depends on the forecast. Croatian State Weather Bureau is state institution for tracking and publishing meteorological data. You can check weather forecast on their web site or via their applications HRT Meteo and nIS.

HRT METEO is a simple-to-use smart phone application for tracking weather conditions.

Nautical information service (nIS) is a smart phone application for iOS and Android and was developed by Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure in cooperation with DHMZ as a part of their sea safety and preventing maritime accidents programme. Application includes regular weather forecast for sailors and was developed in order to make that users, in each moment and place, have easy access to the data important for their own sea and coast safety. In that way, important and detailed data about noticed irregularities at sea are to be transferred to the port authorities and to the other services of safety at sea and combating sea pollutions, especially to the team of rescue at sea, on a very fast and simple way.


2. Portal sites and media


Except the weather forecast and condition at sea, it is good to be informed about other events in Croatia. And no, we won't make you read about political situation in Croatia, but we will suggest you where you can track all the current events related to the local held events on coast. There are numerous parties and cultural manifestations during the summer in many small dalmatian places. Visit at least one typical dalmatian party during your sailing vacation and enjoy tasting exquisite food and good wine. All needed info about the events on your route you can find on web and FB pages:

Total Croatia Sailing is a portal site for sailors in Croatia that will keep you informed about all the service, marinas, different events and current news, restaurants and wineries. Here you can find the list of some of the best beaches, bays, hidden monuments in the cities and many other interesting things you can see in Croatia.

Croatia Week will keep you informed about the current news happening in Croatia. They talk about sports, cultural and current news, but will at the same time, give you numerous interesting things and places you can see while on the sailing vacation.


Sailing holiday in Croatia – Useful web sites to set you up



Tourist boards


Tourist boards have been founded in order to promote tourism of some destinations. They are great portal sites where you can search for the inspiration while planning your sailing time.

Croatian Tourist Board promotes whole Croatia, both its coastal and continental part. It is famous for its motto ‘Croatia full of life’, and it also has its own hashtag #croatiafulloflife via which you can show your most beautiful photos made during your vacation on Facebook and Instagram.

Besides the central tourist board there are also some local ones. We suggest you Zadar region, the one that promotes Zadar county. There you can find not only the promoting content, but also cultural historic curiosities that will help you if you plan to go sightseeing. As our base is located in Sukošan, which is only ten minutes ride away from Zadar, we also suggest you follow FB page ‘Like Zadar’, and, if you manage to arrive earlier in our base, try to visit this beautiful ancient town.

If you find some other destinations also interesting, you can also follow their FB pages to keep yourself informed about events happening there. For example, if you want to sail to Korčula island this year, but you don't know what to visit there, so you've decided just to simply walk along the town and return to boat. If you follow FB page Visit Korčula, you'll find ‘Marco Polo Exhibition’ working time, or the time and location of ancient medieval sword game ‘Moreška’is, taking place. Korčula has also so many other places and towns worth of seeing, like Vela Luka, Račišće, Žrnovo or Brna.


Sailing holiday in Croatia – Useful web sites to set you up



Nature and national parks


Protected and certainly the most beautiful areas of the Adriatic Sea are our national and nature parks. By boat, you can reach 3 national and 2 nature parks. You should stop by and go on a tour through national parks of Brijuni, Kornati, Mljet and nature parks Telašćica and the island of Lastovo. More info about current news in national and nature parks you can get on their FB pages, and you can also buy tickets on their web sites at affordable prices. You can also get park maps on the web sites in order to explore better some bays and not get lost. National and nature parks accessible by boat are:

National Park Brijuni

National Park Kornati

National Park Mljet

Nature Park Telašćica

Nature Park Lastovo island


Sailing holiday in Croatia – Useful web sites to set you up





Despite having information about the weather and events around some destination, you will also need some details about the marinas in Croatia. If you have a skipper on board, you'll have to worry less, but if your boat is in a bareboat charter, it is necessary to plan some stops-by in marinas. If you opt for one of the ACI marinas (there are in total 22 of them in Croatia), you can track some current news happening there on their FB or web page. You can also make a berth reservation, pay or get some online discounts on their web page or via their mobile application. If you've already been there or you'll visit more of their marinas during your sailing vacation, ask for the loyalty card and get discounts each time you're arriving in ACI marina. Except the ACI marinas, there are other marinas all along the Adriatic coast whose contacts you can find on board or Internet. Find a marina that matches your budget and is on your route.


Sailing holiday in Croatia – Useful web sites to set you up



We hope these suggestions will make planning of your vacation a lot easier, and that you will enjoy all these 7 days or more days sailing. Besides already mentioned FB pages and applications, we also suggest ‘Sailing Support’ application offering great trips, activities, marinas and anchorage suggestions. You can also get it by renting our tablet during your official check-in at our reception.

Also, there is one of many currency conversion applications that will help you have your costs under control. It is important to mention that Croatian official currency is Kuna and everything you'll pay in restaurants and marinas will be stated and paid in Kuna.


So, if you've already planned it all and the only thing that you still miss is the boat, don't hesitate to contact us!



Sailing holiday in Croatia – Useful web sites to set you up

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