Your First Sailboat Charter: Tips for Your Dream Holiday

Thinking of embarking on your first sailboat charter? Croatia is the perfect location to do so. Follow these tips and get it right the first time.

Your First Sailboat Charter: Tips for Your Dream Holiday

Croatia is perfect for your first sailboat charter

Croatia is quickly becoming the top choice for sailboat charters from boating enthusiasts worldwide.
And it’s not surprising.

The Adriatic coastline that stretches for around 1,777 km boasts spectacular archipelagos, an abundance of tranquil beaches, ancient urban centres and best of all, probably the most transparent waters that you will come across in Europe.

Set on the cusp of the Balkan Peninsula and Central Europe, Croatia can and should be your number one choice for a tantalising sailing charter – particularly if it’s your first time.

Continue reading to find out why.



Planning Your First Sailboat Charter in Croatia

Planning your first sailboat charter is extremely exciting.

The nerves, the expectations, the unknown – all combined into one adrenaline-filled experience. What’s not to love?

But planning your first charter also requires some research and expert experience that you can rely on.

We’ve got you covered on both fronts.

First, you need to consider the following crucial questions and also ask the other guests that will be joining you on this sailboat charter:

• Do you have a passport?
• Can you swim?
• Do you get seasick?
• What is your sailing experience?
• Do you have dietary restrictions?
• Do you need a skipper?
• Do you want a set itinerary, or are you flexible with your plans?
• What does your budget look like?

After you have deciphered the answers to these questions, it is time to think about how many guests will be on the vessel.

Additionally, what duration and period you would like to book, as well as the type of boat you’d like for your sailboat charter?

Our job at Asta Yachting is to provide you with a seamless experience, whether it is your first time or your one-hundredth charter.

With that said, we hope that whatever questions you might have, you will feel free to ask us.



How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Boat?


The cost of chartering a boat depends on several factors.

This includes the number of guests that will be joining you, the model of your chosen vessel, the time of year you plan on chartering your sailboat, as well as how long for.

Other elements are also important, such as booking your charter dates earlier rather than later. With Asta Yachting, for example, you can save as much as 30% on early bookings, but there are last-minute options available as well.

Many people are quick to assume that a chartered holiday is out of reach for them financially. That this type of getaway is strictly reserved for the rich and privileged.

Contrary to popular belief, this is simply not the case.

Determining your budget is essential, but so is comparing how much you might spend on your land-based holiday. Not only will you be saving on accommodation costs, but also transport and general daily activity expenses.

Think about it. If you’re travelling with friends, you would all likely book different rooms, racking up on hotel costs.

Getting from one destination to another is also pricey. From busses, planes, ferries and rent-a-cars, the costs quickly add up. This is not to mention the safety regulations and qualms some of you may have regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Alternatively, a sailing charter can offer multiple cabins that can hold up to 12 guests, all at one basic rate. Transport is taken care of as well, although you will have to pay extra for fuel and mooring, but that is a small price to pay in comparison.

Lastly, there is no safer holiday than being on a sailboat charter amid a pandemic.

A winning combination on all fronts.


Long-Term Sailboat Charter

Does the notion of packing up your life as it is right now and sailing the world sound enticing?
Maybe it sounds like an impossible dream – unattainable or even one found in fairy tales like Peter Pan.

It’s not. Many people have done it. Some are even earning their life’s wages from broadcasting their experiences online.

Take Sailing Uma, for example. A few years back, this couple decided not to buy a couch and ditch their regular routines for a thrilling sailing adventure around the world.

The pandemic has taught us that a lot of us can work from home or any other location. Digital nomads are becoming increasingly common. Being chained to an office desk is a thing of the past.

So, if this type of lifestyle appeals to you, should you sell everything you own to buy a sailing boat and take off on your own adventure without any experience whatsoever?

Absolutely not.

Think about it, what if you hate it? What if your partner suffers from long bouts of seasickness?

There must be another way, right? And there is. Your solution is a long-term sailboat charter.

What better way to find out whether you were made for sailing the high seas than going on a sailboat charter for three or four months?

That way, you can be sure whether you wish to embark on any long-term journeys in the future.



Sailboat Charter Vacations in Croatia: Where to go

The dramatic Croatian coastline is lined with over a thousand islands.

That means there is no shortage of sights to see on your first sailboat charter in Croatia.

A true asset to nature lovers alike, Croatia offers exclusive access to incredible remote locations and landscapes. From Mljet to Rab, Hvar, and Kornati, you will be anything but disappointed wherever you go. We guarantee it.

With that said, our fleet is located in Sukošan, near Zadar, the perfect location to start your first sailboat charter. Check out our recommended itineraries and decide where you wish to start exploring.



Sailboat Rental Made Simple


Your first sailboat charter should be both flexible and secure. It should allow you to experience the best that Croatia has on offer at your own pace.

We believe that no other type of holiday will offer the same combination of privacy, comfort and flexibility. Most importantly, a sailboat charter is unmatchable when it comes to value for money.

If you wish to explore the option of a sailboat charter in Croatia, feel free to contact our team.

With more than 20 years of experience in the business, we’re thrilled at the prospect of introducing you to the adventure of your lifetime.


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