My Next Vacation Is Sailing

After intensive thinking and imagining yourself on a holiday next summer, you have finally made a decision. You have chosen – you're going sailing!


After intensive thinking and imagining yourself on a holiday next summer, you have finally made a decision. You have chosen – you're going sailing!

There are various reasons for such a decision; maybe you already had wonderful sailing experience and you want to repeat it, maybe some of your friends shared their impressions and photos from their last sailing trip with you and you were simply delighted with their idea. And maybe you never went sailing or always somehow postponed it and now it's finally time to make this wish come true.

How to choose correctly? Offer is huge – various destinations, large number of beautiful boats and charter companies offering attractive service…

We bring you some important and relevant advices in order to make a good decision for summer to remember.

My Next Vacation Is Sailing

Destination – where to sail? The first and most important decision which you surely have in your sleeve. Sail somewhere where it's warm, comfortable and safe. Somewhere you can see and experience many things, but it can still offer you peace and relaxation. Croatia is a great destination. Adriatic coast and more than thousand islands and islets will surely fill your expectations. It is very well connected with the rest of the Europe and you can easily reach any destination on the coast via highways. Whether you choose Istra region, northern, middle or southern Dalmatia, you will not be dissapointed. Every spot has its advantages. You just have to choose which one do you like more.

Term – which time term to choose? When you ask yourself which time of the year is ideal for sailing, experienced sailors will answer –any time! Each season on the Adriatic is specific, but, if you prefer more wind with pleasant temperatures and less crowds, spring and autumn are ideal choice. If you prefer enjoying sea and sun, summer months are ideal for you. If you want to awake your adventureous side, you can always sail in winter months.

My Next Vacation Is Sailing

But, let's take in consider that your vacation time is limited and mostly scheduled in summer months (July-August). You need to know that these are main two months of the touristic season in Croatia, when many people visit Adriatic, and also the time of year with most events and happenings, when people are relaxed and having fun so complete touristic offer is oriented on visitors. So, if you plan your vacation in this time of year, you have to ensure you rent your desired boat on time. You can always try with last minute offer, but there is no guarantee that the boat you want will still be available.

If you're thinking about sailing in spring (April, May, June), you must be aware that weather can be tricky, but also beautiful. Temperatures are pleasant, nature awakens and after long winter time you are ready to feel the warmth of the sun.

Autumn (September, October) is special season for sailing with less crowds, lower temperatures and warm sea. This is also the most required sailing time of the year and many charter companies have these months fully booked already 6 months in advance. Make sure you reserve your desired term on time so you can fully enjoy your sailing trip.

My Next Vacation Is Sailing

Boat – probably you already have visual image of your desired boat. Experienced sailors will surely advise you a sailing boat for maximum wind and wave experience. You have to think about the size and type of the sailing boat which will suit you the best. How big will your sailing crew be, are you experienced enough, how much comfort on the boat you want… are just few items you need to consider. If you imagine your vacation as sailing in silence of wind and waves, sailing boat is ideal boat for you.

If you want to change several destinations and spots during your vacation and it's important for you to switch from spot to spot fastest as you can, motor boat is ideal choice for you. It will be more comfortable but also a bit more expensive while you have to take fuel consumption in consider.

Catamarans are a special story. Houses on the sea, as some people like to call them, really offer a enviable comfort and also special sailing experience, but their charter offer is often limited. There is greater selection of sailing and motor boats than catamarans along the Adriatic coast, so if you want a catamaran for your vacation, be sure to book one on time.

My Next Vacation Is Sailing

Charter company – after you made all decisions regarding the boat, term and destination, you have to find a good charter company which will make all this possible. Croatia offers a large number of charter companies all along Adriatic coast. You need a professional, reliable company with long term experience and diversified fleet offer which will make the best boat offer that suits all your needs and expectations. This company can also help you with your arrival – arrange the transfer or grocery delivery on the boat for you. Be sure to find a good company which will secure technical support during the whole time of your vacation. You surely don't want to lose your precious time while you wait for intervention in case of emergency or damage. Simple and safe communication with charter company is a priority while you're on the boat. Check for client rewiews and recommandations of the company before you choose. This will definetly make your choice much easier.

We hope our advices and notes were helpful for you. After all, you already made a good decision, you're going sailing! We wish you a dream holiday come true.

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