Useful maps, guides and books for planning your Croatian yacht charter holiday
When planning a sailing trip in Croatia, preparing and planning is not only half of the fun, it actually makes the trip much more fun. Here are some maps, guides and books we recommend for getting ready for your Croatian sailing vacation. You'll want to take some of them with you.

Useful maps, guides and books for planning your Croatian yacht charter holiday

When planning a sailing trip in Croatia, preparing and planning is not only half of the fun, it actually makes the trip much more fun.
Here are some maps, guides and books we recommend for getting ready for your Croatian sailing vacation. You’ll want to take some of them with you.

Adriatic Sea Pilot A cruising guide to the Adriatic coast of Croatia, Volume 1&2' by Split Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia

Croatian part of the Adriatic with an archipelago of over a thousand islands, its crystal clear sea and favourable climate is a marvellous cruising area, a paradise for boaters.

With their increasing interest for this coast, necessary facilities have been built –modern marinas and small harbours - to offer stay, supply and maintenance to small craft and yachts, providing all kinds of information, on weather or cultural and sports events in the area of their interest.

This Pilot published by the Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia is complementary with its regularly issued and updated charts and official publications.

Besides providing up-to-date information relevant to the safety at sea and all the facts on harbours and marinas, it also offers background information on cultural and historical sights, national parks and other natural attractions on the coast and islands, and in the close interior.

1300 Maps of the Croatian Adriatic' by Radovan Marčić, Braslav Karlić, Marko Vučetić, kartograf Slavko Horvat

In this practical guide you will find maps of all the Croatian harbours, marinas, village harbours and piers, quays and bays which are sailing destinations, where you can moor or anchor for the night.

In contrast to other pilots, the destinations here are not presented according to their size, instead of that there are selected places which can provide shelter, even for a six-meters boat. This means that this book will be of use not only to sailors and all who decide to set out on a longer cruise, but also to the owners of the large charter fleets housed in Croatian harbours.

International Marine's Weather Predicting Simplified: How to Read Weather Charts and Satellite Images 1st Edition' by Michael William Carr

Weather Predicting Simplified is the book which shows, with many accompanied sample satellite photos and weather maps, how to predict the weather easily and accurately - without having to wait for hours for NOAA updates.

Weather can have very different consequences depending on where you sail. This book provides detailed information and expert explanations, including what causes weather, weather systems and how they change, recognizing clouds and sky appearance, weather conditions, such as depressions, lows and highs, wind systems and direction, dew point, humidity, visibility, frost, anticyclones and much more.

The Little Book of Incredibly Useful Knots: 200 Practical Knots for Sailors, Climbers, Campers & Other Adventurers Hardcover' by Geoffrey Budworth, Jason Dalton

Each knot serves a different purpose, and although it is not necessary to know a large number of different knots -it is important to know which knot is best suited for the conditions in which it is best to be used.

If you didn’t learn knots when you were young, you can still master them quickly. The key is to learn what a given knot should look like when completed, then practice tying it until you can do it with your eyes closed.

The Little Book of Incredibly Useful Knots teaches you which knot to choose and exactly how to tie it, whether you’re constructing a trout fly, repairing a hammock, mooring a boat, securing a load to a car roof rack, or engaging in a rescue or survival situation.

Sailing in Croatia 2017 – More magazin'

The best known Croatian guide for sailing the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, created with the intent to provide help and advice while sailing the Croatian Adriatic and to guide visitors around its islands and bays, from Savudrija to Dubrovnik.

Sailing in Croatia describes the Croatian Adriatic coastline and helps you understand the way of life of the inhabitants, while providing you with all the information you need while you’re at sea. So you will find two types of articles in this booklet, in which the people who feature it are just as important as details about safe anchorages, harbours or sailing safety in general.

Sailing in Croatia 2017 and other editions are also available on tablets and smartphones running iOS and Android operating systems.

This printed version you will easily find at most charter or marina receptions. Just ask for your free exemplar at Asta Yachting reception.

TREASURES OF THE ADRIATIC SEA–A diver’s guide to the wrecks of the Croatian Adriatic' by Danijel Frka and Jasen Mesić

Another great book for all scuba diving lovers. Croatia is a great diving and snorkeling destination. From walls to wrecks to rocky reefs, there’s something here for divers of all levels.

This book is for all divers interested in the wrecks of ships and aircraft of the Eastern Adriatic coast in which can be found all the data needed for diving the locations, sea conditions, and interesting details worth seeing. It is also for those who study maritime history because there are many facts about interesting underwater findings and the destinies of single ships, aircraft and their locations.

The book is entitled "Treasures of the Adriatic Sea" because figuratively it best symbolizes the importance and historical value of the wrecks in the Adriatic.

Lonely Planet Croatia (Travel Guide) 2017' by Lonely Planet

Since 1973, Lonely Planet has become the world's leading travel media company with guidebooks to every destination, an award-winning website, mobile and digital travel products, and a dedicated traveller community.

Lonely Planet Croatia is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Sail the island-speckled coastline, marvel at historic forts and mansions or walk Dubrovnik's city walls; all with this trusted travel companion.

Get to the heart of Croatia and begin your journey now!

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